I checked out of my hotel after the conference, and immediately snagged my rental car.

First agenda: North to Wisconsin
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As promised

As promised, I’m on a different topic this round.

I mean, a new topic compared to jibbering about my Wii Fit. Not a whole new topic, for me.

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Four Things I Wish WiiU Fit Could Let Me Do

OMG is she talking about her Wii Fit again?

Yes, indeed she is. (But she promises to talk about something else in the next few days.)

Hey, a while back I wondered aloud (if this counts as “aloud”) how the altimeter was working and then recently my Wii told me the answer, so what the heck? Ya gotta try, right? Read more of this post

Solved, kind of: the mystery of the WiiU Fit Meter Altimeter

(Decidedly NOT a Nancy Drew Mystery. BTW: I loved those books as a kid.)

In one of my previous posts on the topic, I wondered how on earth the Wii Fit Meter altimeter was figuring my altitude, because on the surface it makes no sense at all.

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Spontaneous sidebar

Chicago cityscape. Image Courtesy of Microsoft Partner Fotolia

My company is sending me to a conference in Chicago.

On the same dates last year, my company sent me to a different meeting, in Miami. I came home to discover the apartment complex had changed all the doors in my absence. And the locks along with them. I had managed to leave scant hours before they notified us all, so I missed that notice, and it was just a big, horrible, confusing surprise when I got back.

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September babies

Let’s see, running through the month, there’s… Read more of this post

In which a valuable (and likely expensive) lesson is learned

I had not one but two potential Wii-Fit-related blogs in the works for you, but I’m sidelining them for now in favor of bigger news.

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On balance: short week, but long days

You’ve got to love a short week. This week, Monday was cancelled due to lack of interest. (And Labor Day, of course.)

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Oh the places I’ll go

How far ahead of time is it too soon to pack?

How far ahead of time is it too soon to start worrying about flight issues and missed connections?

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Welcome to September

… and happy Labor Day (or Labour Day). Read more of this post


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