Oh the places I’ll go

How far ahead of time is it too soon to pack?

How far ahead of time is it too soon to start worrying about flight issues and missed connections?

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Welcome to September

… and happy Labor Day (or Labour Day). Read more of this post


Three day weekend. Labor Day.

It sneaks up on me, on everyone, it seems… how can we be closing out August already? I mean, seriously, didn’t summer just start?

And then we realize it’s approaching, and at work we all reassure one another that it IS coming… it IS.

A long weekend.


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Shopping fail. Or maybe designer fail.

Apparently, if you want a few pairs of black slacks for work — for instance if you’ve lost a little weight and safety pinning yourself into the old ones is no longer viable — there are a limited number of options. Read more of this post

Once again: not a real post

If I’m not going to post a blog (and apparently I’m not) then I could at least put in a little effort to share some of the blogs I’ve read and liked lately.


  • Weird Al takes on Word Crimes… and makes me so happy in the process! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, 101 books. (This also makes me want to go watch “White and Nerdy” again, by the way.)

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Great Idea To Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

aka gringita:

This looks like such a fun way to keep kids engaged and active over the summer… (Of course I was the kid that played “School” in the summer — so your mileage may vary.) [Reblogged from Life Inspired]

Originally posted on Life Inspired:

SFSC 14 logo

As soon as school was out, Journey said to me, “I wonder if I’m going to get picked to do that fun challenge again this summer.”   Even though she’s in summer camp, she still has quite a bit of free time when she gets home.  So the Super Fun Summer Challenge is back to help beat summer boredom!  Last year during the challenge, Journey built a lego city as an architect, wrote a business plan as an entrepreneur, saved the planet as an eco-superhero, and did our family tree as a genealogist.  And this year’s challenge will be even better!  Here’s how you can get your kids from in front of the television and in on some serious summer fun:

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Hot yoga

And hot strength training.

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Not running away (but occasionally wanting to)

I’ve had 4 dream cycles tonight. I know this, not because I remember my dreams tonight — in fact, I only remember that I dreamed, their substance quickly draining away as they were swallowed up Read more of this post

Blame it on the stromboli

Last weekend I saw my oldest friend.

Which calls for me to clarify that I am referring to how long I’ve known her not how old she is.

Which then calls for me to clarify that she’s my oldest friend who is not also a member of my family, because, … well obviously Sis. Read more of this post

Happy Birthday

Today is my friend L’s birthday. <3 Read more of this post


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