I know it could be worse

I could be living in parts of the country that are forecast for 12 to 18 inches of snow today. I could be living in places that treat snow a foot deep as “a dusting.”

So, yes, I could treat a little frost mid April like it’s a small inconvenience and not the proverbial straw (of camel fame). Read more of this post

Be as negative as you possibly can

Most people will tell you how important it is to stay positive. Be positive.

And there’s a lot to be said for positivity. Read more of this post

I’m still here and as random as ever

It’s hard to tell I’m here, because I haven’t posted in waaay too long. But here I am. And here’s an update. Of the extra random, flotsamy variety. Hey, I’m out of practice, bear with me.

### Read more of this post

5 Things I Love (and Hate) about WiiU Fit

I got the WiiU for Christmas. It was the sort of thing I had added at some point to my wish list, not so much a clear intention to get it or even to ask for it, as much as to noodle on it a while.

I could not have been more surprised when I actually got it for Christmas. (Thanks again, Mom & Dad!) Read more of this post

Thank you for coming

Of course I made too much food.

Which is better than making too little, but still.

So. Much. Food. Read more of this post

Baked goods (with pics)

The menu kept my oven busy all day (and part of the day before).

Here’s a few scenes from The Making Of… .


The bread started OK, then went kerflunky midway. I ended up having to add Read more of this post

The menu

Guests are coming tonight. On the menu (if all goes well)…


  • White and oat bread
  • Veggie platter
  • Herbs & oil, dressing & hummus for dipping

Dinner Read more of this post

Productive (Or, 10 Things I Did Today)

Today I…

  1. Got a  significant Peapod delivery
  2. Smashed my toe and wondered if that was a bad sign Read more of this post


Sorry about the rescinded invitation, oh grand universe of potential blog readers.

It’s rather cold out. And in here, too.

It’s really, really cold here.

Yes, there are colder places in the world, but today’s range ran from 5 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit, not counting the horror of the (significant) wind chill. I’m sorry, but a “high” of 13 is just wrong; to call 13 a “high” by any stretch is just far too optimistic by my standards.

It’s cold, even here in my apartment that’s never, ever cold. It took a full day Read more of this post


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