Off the deep end

It’s official. I’ve gone off the deep end. A normal person would get one trip under their belt before starting to plan the next, Read more of this post

Easily irked

There’s going to be a headache later, I betcha.

Not because of impending weather (always a possibility). Not because I feel anything but fine, fine, fine, physically.

There’s going to be a headache, because that’s usually what happens when I’m this easily irked.

(Correlation, cause or effect, I don’t know.) Read more of this post

From the airport

A day at the airport definitely does have a theme song. Read more of this post


I woke up ahead of my alarm, dreaming about work. Ugh.

Still, morning was just starting to crack open, so exploring called.

Read more of this post

Illinois, Indiana and Michigan

After a good night’s sleep in Gurnee IL (preceded by a comped key lime pie that was to die for at the local pub), I hit the road again. I rounded the loop around the southern part of Lake Michigan. There’s a Lake Michigan Circle Tour route marked along the way (sort of) but Read more of this post


I checked out of my hotel after the conference, and immediately snagged my rental car.

First agenda: North to Wisconsin
Read more of this post

As promised

As promised, I’m on a different topic this round.

I mean, a new topic compared to jibbering about my Wii Fit. Not a whole new topic, for me.

Read more of this post

Four Things I Wish WiiU Fit Could Let Me Do

OMG is she talking about her Wii Fit again?

Yes, indeed she is. (But she promises to talk about something else in the next few days.)

Hey, a while back I wondered aloud (if this counts as “aloud”) how the altimeter was working and then recently my Wii told me the answer, so what the heck? Ya gotta try, right? Read more of this post

Solved, kind of: the mystery of the WiiU Fit Meter Altimeter

(Decidedly NOT a Nancy Drew Mystery. BTW: I loved those books as a kid.)

In one of my previous posts on the topic, I wondered how on earth the Wii Fit Meter altimeter was figuring my altitude, because on the surface it makes no sense at all.

My Wii recently told me the secret. Read more of this post

Spontaneous sidebar

Chicago cityscape. Image Courtesy of Microsoft Partner Fotolia

My company is sending me to a conference in Chicago.

On the same dates last year, my company sent me to a different meeting, in Miami. I came home to discover the apartment complex had changed all the doors in my absence. And the locks along with them. I had managed to leave scant hours before they notified us all, so I missed that notice, and it was just a big, horrible, confusing surprise when I got back.

But that seems unlikely to repeat. Read more of this post


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