Tucked in and packed up

I don’t like conferences. I like the learning, and the new ideas, and whatnot. But to offset that, Read more of this post

What I am and am not (professionally speaking)

Not to be all about my career (as you might have noticed, I almost never talk about what I do here, as that is not the point of this blog), but in point of fact I’ve spent roughly the last 20 years of my career in one kind of marketing or another. Read more of this post

3am is no fun

It’s bad enough to wake up at 3AM on a work day and be too unsettled to sleep. Waking up at 3AM and then having a rush of worry only makes it worse. Read more of this post

Somewhat surprised, myself

I am doing an alarming amount of adulting just of late. More adulting than I ever even imagined I would do. Read more of this post

When nothing is beautiful

Before I left, I mentioned to at least 2 of my colleagues that they were welcome to join me on my trip west.

“What’s out there?” they asked.

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The trip by the numbers

1 New Jersey resident

4 flight segments (2 each way)

1 rental car Read more of this post

Closing the loop ( #wheresrory )

From Manitoba I am bound directly south, to North Dakota and the USA, with a brief stop in between at the International Peace Garden.
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Saskatchewan to Manitoba #wheresrory #furiouslyhappy

It’s a long way from Regina (pronounced in the most awkward way possible – you figure it out) to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, especially if your GPS decides to take you off the main highway and down some of the loneliest roads ever.
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Odd little duck

It occurs to that while Semi Random Flotsam is a highly accurate name for my largely themeless, topically-all-over-the-map blog – and indeed I am prone to being semi random in real life – I could also have named it Odd Little Duck.
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Minot… Why not?

A friend of mine recently mentioned that she knows someone who is pursuing a personal goal to visit all 50 states before turning 50. It turns out this is a goal that, God willing, is easily within MY reach. I hadn’t set a time frame for it – I am fine with random and somewhat arbitrary goals but hadn’t given thought to a deadline (though 50 Before 50 does have a ring to it).
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