Sunday skimming

Slowly, gently, I skim the layer of foam off the pool. It comes up yellow today, instead of last night’s green. I assume that’s a sign the algae is dying. I assume the foam coming up discolored -the only way I can lift any color out of the pool at all, the algae too fine for a net – is a good sign. 

The pool still looks nasty, up close, and I assume I will at some point have to find a way to scrub the uneven and prone-to-move surfaces. Somehow, without collapsing the whole structure. 

From across the yard it looks fine, splashing away… except for the foam ever rising. I let it accumulate, skimming through my book instrad for a while as I sip spiced coffee, and then go skim off another layer of foam. 

The Catholic church down the block will be holding its first services soon. I know this because the street behind my place fills up, from no cars parked to a solid line of them. The dog 2 yards over hates this; he is upset by the coming and going of cars, even more by passersby. The chain link fence on that property doesn’t do enough to block his view of them, and his owners do nothing to try to calm him. 

Inside their respective houses, I can hear that he’s setting off other neighborhood dogs as well. 

Last week one of the churchgoers set their car alarm – as people do – and it went off, while they were safely ensconced, unhearing, in church… the alarm blaring, the dog barking. I wanted to shake both owners. Calm your dog, take him in. Park your car somewhere else, you’ve upset the whole neighborhood. 

I did neither, of course. 

The day feels surreal and I have a vague “I should get going” feeling, as if today was a travel day. But travel happens tomorrow, Wilmington and north. Dad will come by and check on things, will skim the algae stained foam for me. 

Time to go do it again. 


Sipping coffee on the porch, the blessing of caffeine, warm liquid a balm to cold body, the chill after the heat wave. The splashing of water falling, the endlesss loop of too-green water, I will clean the filters today and treat it but so far to no avail; nothing seems to contain that. Yard work performed alone means comedy on Pandora, laughter to keep me unafraid of the illusions of terrors. I am indoorsy; I don’t like all the life out here, except when I am safely behind glass. When I have done what I will until help arrives, I sit with coffee, and turn off music to read. The Handmaid’s Tale. Dystopian, powerful as I recall, while subscribers watch the new series I will reread the book. Gray skies and chill, the soft murmur of Saturday traffic, birdsong and splashing water. 

Have a good day. 

Hot (and hot and cold and cold)

It’s in the 90s today. That means it’s in the upper 70’s in my office, even with the A/C running and a fan blowing.  

It’s hot. Which I am trying not to mind since I spend so much of the time being cold. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be almost – but not quite -as hot. 

Ah but the weekend… the weekend….

In the 60’s??? Are you kidding me?

Where’s the happy medium (when we need her)?

Sharing the highway

Grace abounds; the extra hours Saturday night are like a credit to my account for the too-late of Sunday night and the too-early of Monday morning. 

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My neighbors two doors to my right may be moving, if the sudden clearance of their property is an indication.  Meanwhile, the neighbors between us need to mow or something. 

To my left, it’s a jungle in desperate need of clearing. I am uncharacteristicly peering out my window, noticing the differences, when movement in the overgrowth next door catches my eye. A long, naked tail… attached to…

Oh my God, if that’s a rat it’s enormous

I am staring in horror, hoping it’s, please, please, please…

It lifts its face up out of the greenery. White pointy face… yesopossum. Not rat. 

Well that’s a huge relief. Still, it disappears into the underbrush… I know they’re generally docile unless cornered but I don’t like the idea of coming face to face with that….

I might never go outside again

Back to work

A funny thing happened while I was away.

The earth moved around the sun. The seasons started to change.  The 5:30 am commute kickoff happens in the early morning now, not in the final throes of night. 

There’s light on my drive. Before I reach the second half of the drive, there’s a massive blinding ball of it, actually. 

The big yellow one is the sun. (Brian Regan)

Apparently the rest of the world has some kind of solar alarm, because the roads are busier even though it’s still so early. 

It’s a shock to the system to revisit these early mornings, but I think I’ve needed that, to get back to normal again. 

Where in the world…

To date I’ve visited 17 places (7.55% of the world)
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Freshly returned wanderlust… where shall I go next? Where do you long to go, or where have you gone and loved? (And why?) Comments welcome!!!

Revisited: my visit to Machu Picchu

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Still recovering

The alarm goes off at 6am, on my second day back to work, and I turn it off and turn over…

But I don’t have an alarm set for 6am. My alarms go off at 6:15 and 6:45 (do I want a full workout or an abbreviated one before work?) I am thinking of the strangeness of this phantom alarm, and then asleep again, and then fighting off my actual alarms, and then waking at 5 minutes to 8. On a work day. I usually log in by 8am on work-from-home days.  

I think maybe I’m still out of sorts with the travel. And the downpour that sounds like my white noise app probably isn’t helping. 

Can I go back to bed now?

Fly away home (if you can)

The Andes from above

My original flight plan would take me nearly 24 hours, inclusive of security lines and layovers, but on arrival to Miami I am able to get in an earlier flight, so I can already be home hours before my original flight would have been boarding. 

It’s a shock to the system, to get back on an American flight and the cramped space. Two days later I will hear something from the airlines – as they prepare to further restrict the space- about how passengers don’t mind because they don’t opt to pay more for a better seat. To which I call bullshit. Charging more for that space is a money-making device for the airline not a social experiment, don’t let’s kid ourselves, and there are certain fees we might avoid on principle in protest. (Example: I prefer and choose when I can the airlines that don’t charge for luggage, even if I’m not going to check a bag, for instance, and under no circumstances am I paying for a checked bag even if it means traveling that much lighter). In the same way that I might pay more to board early / ensure I can get my carry-on in the overhead compartment but, though it’s a distinction without a difference, I will promptly stop flying an airline that charges me for bin space. Count on it. 

I back that up with action: They supposedly get the best ratings of any major US carrier and invested a lot in improved customer experience (recent news articles notwithstanding) but there is one airline with whom MY experiences were so bad that I will not fly with them. Period. Even if it costs more. Even if it means having to make stops/layovers. If there is literally ANY other airline option, I take it. Because all I can do is vote my displeasure with my wallet. 

/End rant. 

In any event, it is good to be home. To shower in clean water. To be able to brush my teeth from the tap. To drink iced drinks and eat raw, fresh vegetables. ( Salad! Oh I missed salad! )

To sleep in my own bed.