Catching my breath

The last image I have – the only image that remains – is having become aware of imminent danger in the split second before someone behind me pulls a plastic bag over my head and around my neck. Read more of this post

A long way back

Smooth return flights. And so I return to my home state.

The license plate game is still ingrained, for the first few days, but within a few minutes of my landing there is already a shift. For 2 weeks, a license plate “of home” was a point of interest, the creation of a sense of kinship across distance. Read more of this post

Of reunions, weddings and birthdays (Day 14)

One of my dear friends from home has been out in Fort Collins, along with my sister and much of the rest of their organization for the last few weeks, and so she, my sister and I have a fun reunion over coffee. Read more of this post

Rocky Mountains (Day 13)

In the morning, we cross town to where my sister’s family is staying, and we all load up into their vehicle for the winding but wondrous drive up to Estes and beyond, to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Read more of this post

Colorado-bound (Day 12)

We take the scenic route out of Moab toward 70, which proves gorgeous even if I am totally distracted by the knowledge that my company is scheduling a call for the field organization to discuss the merger for today. Read more of this post

Moab: Arches (Day 11)

This morning we have decided we’ll do the hike to Landscape Arch. It’s not a long hike, and relatively flat (as these things go) but it’s been so oppressively hot every day that we decide to start early, bypass all the stops within Arches that precede it, and spend a couple of the cooler morning hours hiking just as far as the viewpoint for Landscape Arch itself. Read more of this post

Moab: Canyonlands (Day 10)

Canyonlands is divided into 3 distinct parks, and on our way into Moab last night, we passed one of them (as well as a town that obviously tried to be the landing place for visits, but ultimately could not compete with Moab for the honor). Read more of this post

Durango-Silverton and beyond (Day 9)

Out in the desert, the weather pattern had, for the most part, been: overcast, comfortably cool morning, bright hot afternoon, rumbly-rainy evening/night.

In Durango, it was just rainy. And cold. Read more of this post

Mesa Verde, and more (Day 8)

We leave Monument Valley early, making a (fairly) quick stop at the Four Corners monument before we arrive at Mesa Verde en route to our night in Durango, Colorado. Read more of this post

Monument Valley (Day 7)

Monument Valley was one of the few things that weren’t on my parents short list for the trip, but let’s face it, that’s only because they didn’t think of it.

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