Mexican coffee?

Or at least, Mexican-inspired.

Today’s coffee brewed with ground cinnamon (as always) Read more of this post

Day 2 of conference

Pouring rain in NYC on my way. Get out of the parking lot en route to the train station, only to realize I forgot something I need. Drive back, run back in, start again. Read more of this post

Day 1 of conference

Conference good so far.

Room absolutely freezing. Read more of this post

Suddenly all girly and whatall

So he’s chatting with me, and it’s friendly and fun and a girl might even wonder if flirtatious, and then he asks if my colleague had a good time last night and I’m just… like… um, I think so.  Read more of this post

Revisited: Speed Dating

So a girl at work and I went speed dating tonight. Last night, technically. I mentioned it as a-thing-I-did-once-and-didn’t-hate, she jumped on it, we went. Read more of this post

It’s weird how the time goes

My college class is planning its 25th reunion, and it feels weird. Read more of this post

Mar 16

I’ve not been blogging because most days I feel like I have nothing to say.
I am not saying anything, and yet I am tired of my own voice.

But there is this: I spent Sunday with some of my dearest friends, celebrating a birthday. Read more of this post

Feb 17

Happy birthday to my First Beautiful Niece!

Read more of this post

February cheer

This week, two of my favorite people had birthdays.

And next weekend, two more of my favorite people are having birthdays. Read more of this post

It hasn’t started and I’m already sick of it

Blah blah blah Superbowl. Read more of this post


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