Snowed in. Or out, as the case may be

As what would prove to be record-breaking snows approached, my sister and her husband prepared not only for their own storm survival, but made plans for mine. They invited me to hunker down at their place, my sister picking me up so that I wouldn’t have to park on the street (getting cleared out will be challenging enough without potentially blocking the work of plows).  Read more of this post

And then it was done.

Up ahead of the alarm… Fine.

Apartment packed up and clean… Fine.

Cars loaded up… Fine.

Keys dropped off… Fine.

Walk out of complex office… Suddenly very weepy.

Realize this is probably normal. Do not yield to it. Read more of this post

A year of transitions: 2015 in review

Let’s recap what happened over here in 2015 (and why you haven’t been able to get any kind of regular blogging out of me of late)…

Major Work Transitions
Read more of this post

There’s no place like home

Last week I spent my very first night in my very own, very new place.

It was not the most resounding success, as nights go. Read more of this post

Riding the rails

En route from one home to the other. Very tired from two days of physical and weeks of mental exertion. Read more of this post

Tick tock

The clock echoes in my disassembled space. Read more of this post

Maybe just “OK” would work

I realized last month that I’d spent the prior month sounding like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. Read more of this post

A Full Life

A full room.

Read more of this post

Tomorrow is another (work) day

I should be in bed. 6 days away, a good trip that was also tiring on a multitude of levels. The return to an apartment that has turned itself inside out and upside down as I pack up the last 18 years.  Read more of this post

Oh me of little faith

Yesterday, I came very close to a full-on meltdown. The process of acquiring a first home is stressful; I’ve watched enough people go through it to already have known that. Except you don’t really know until you know.

On the plus side, everyone who knows, knows exactly why I have this crazed look. Read more of this post


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