… is really not so bad, all things considered. 🇺🇸

And though I’ve seen all 50 States, I’m only 21 countries in…

And even here in the US, I’ve only been to 18 of 59 National Parks.

I have a long way yet to go!


Day 4: Bar Harbor to Portland Maine (and home)

I wake a few times in the night, probably extra restless because I know it’s a travel day. Strange sounds, a dripping that at first I think must be in my bathroom but when I come awake I know it’s the rain.

It is quite the rain. Read more of this post

Day 3: Acadia National Park

I am up early – maybe emails woke me, maybe just my body rested enough after an early night. Either way I wake up refreshed. Read more of this post

Day 2: Rockland to Bar Harbor

I wake early but fully rested, and – oh thank you Lord – the headache is finally gone. In fact, I feel better in every category. Read more of this post

Maine Day 1: Portland to Rockland

Technically I’ve been to all 50 states, but my visit to Maine, fuzzy at best in my memory because I was a child at the time, was a bit more “technical” than the rest.

So here I am, making this visit more official. Read more of this post

Not enough time (and too much food)

I took a couple of days off last week, because two of my very best friends came down for the first time in a little over a year. And it was wonderful to have them here. I just wish they could have stayed a bit longer (and hopefully we can schedule some time again soon)!

(Incidentally their visit came just a few days after I was able to have a brief lunch-in-transit with my best friend from college, so it really was like a reunion week.)


Anyway, they arrived Wednesday evening. We chillaxed and watched a movie and had popcorn and sipped a smidge of wine for the first night.

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Not Fun

I am already on the road when it occurs to me that it’s much darker this morning. No soft rise of color, no pale sliver of moon. Darkness, seemingly out of place at this time of year.

The distant cloud backlit by lightning is a clue, but at the moment I only think of the beauty, not the warning. Read more of this post

Looking forward

I am looking forward… Read more of this post

I not learn so goodly

I recently added Greek to my Duolingo learning modules.

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Small victories

I hit my step goal yesterday, which shouldn’t be a victory (sigh) but was.

And today I hit this little milestone: 365 consecutive days of Spanish on Duolingo. Read more of this post