Yippee do

You know what’s better than a long-term departmental restructure hanging over the team for months on end? Read more of this post

Overheard from the back seat

Oh look, there’s a Cheesecake Factory. Those things are EVERYWHERE.

Outlet shopping ahead…
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Near disasters and crises averted

A couple of years ago, I went on a 3-day business trip, and came home to find my locks had been changed. I wasn’t evicted or anything, they had just changed the doors on all the units, and the locks with them. There had been a notice about it, but it was a piece of paper slipped into my door dropped off sometime during the day that I had flown, so I had missed it.

It was not a happy surprise.
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Supporting Bandit

A virtual friend of mine encountered a disreputable dog groomer (there’s back story that I can’t tell you without risking libel because I Read more of this post


Today was my friend’s birthday. And because it was her birthday, another friend had her over for dinner, and then had me over for dinner, and I got to spend the evening Read more of this post


Alec and Michael and Lynn and Kaycee
are all having birthdays this month
(and that’s not even counting all the anniversaries) Read more of this post

Not my scene

Eden Roc is a beautiful place, beautifully situated in Miami Beach. They have a crowded lobby bar in their crowded lobby and by dint of it being a bar… Read more of this post


Is “so hot that you feel like throwing up” even a thing? Read more of this post


I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, with my Sis and BIL and my two Beautiful Nieces. Read more of this post

In which I send love

…without measure and beyond reason. Read more of this post


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