A day in Miami

We flew down early to avoid airline issues. January, anything can happen.

We had no issues getting here, but I arrive to a useless but frustrating notice from my company’s travel partner about the conference I’m attending which comes down to “Smelta Airlines” (not their real name) has once again screwed me over. (Sigh)

So when I wake up early (asleep not long after 9pm) this morning I’m scrambling to rearrange what I can until Monday when the flight itself can be adjusted, doing my Spanish lesson for the day, and then dozing on and off…

Basically it’s a pajama-lazy morning for us both because we don’t have the walking food tour until 12:30pm. Read more of this post


Exit South

In the small hours I am already awake, in that way one does when there’s somewhere to be. So I am already showered and dressed and ready to do my Duolingo lesson by the time my alarm goes off.

It’s raining but not torrential en route to the airport. It’s still dark and early as Dad drops me off. Read more of this post


Apparently I can’t adequately navigate the stairs down to get coffee until I’ve HAD coffee.

Because this? This is not great:

4th toe is broken but since all they do for that is rest, ice, compression (eg tape it) elevation, that’s what I’m doing. Read more of this post

555 days and counting

I wish I could say I really spoke Spanish by now — but alas, as in so many other ways, I am a work in progress.

A Christmas Eve moment

We come early but already the church is pretty full. Too full for our group of 8 to sit together. The girls and their guest sit in the middle of a row in the middle of the church. My parents and I are two rows ahead of them, next to the pastor and his wife. My sister and her husband are several rows ahead and to the right. Read more of this post


Time zones and daylight savings, then Thanksgiving and the official start to Christmas shopping season. Seasonal decor to render things festive.

Leaf raking and the introduction of a sharp back pain that is all new. Oh Lord, have mercy.

And then the return to my early hours commute. The early rise not as much of a shock as I expect, though the drive feels longer today (heated seats a blessing for my still-sore back).

But the rain won’t come for hours and the temps will be above freezing then, and a lack of ice and snow is a bonus and a boon.

Fluorescent lighting in the office is sharp and stinging – especially juxtaposed against the dark of the morning – but the office is quiet and calm in these early hours, and my eyes have time to adjust to the unfamiliar brightness.

Things to do, a blessing for me and a way to bless my clients – even those that irk.

It’s official: I’m back.


It’s now – IRL – weeks after my return. The first few days I wake up unsure of where I am, where I’m supposed to be, what time I have to leave my bag outside or meet my tour. Read more of this post


A large group of us, across the four concurrent Globus tours, are packed into the bus; the largest group of us are on the same flight, back to Toronto.

Someone is wearing so much perfume that it’s as if they broke a bottle of it this morning. Read more of this post

Day 10: Final Day in Athens

In which we put ourselves on a forced march through the city.

Goodbye, Olympia. It was great!

Christiana organizes us off the ship in what must be record time, and we are shortly back on the bus and again in the weekday traffic to Athens. Read more of this post

Day 9: Evening in Santorini

We aren’t due to arrive in Santorini before 4 pm. It will be dark then. And there are weather dependencies and tenders to send and busses to meet and switchbacks to navigate and half the length of the island to each Oia and our scheduled visit.

But I so so SO want to see Santorini.

Read more of this post