Is “so hot that you feel like throwing up” even a thing? Read more of this post


I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, with my Sis and BIL and my two Beautiful Nieces. Read more of this post

In which I send love

…without measure and beyond reason. Read more of this post

Quiet down, y’all

Which is, surprisingly, not the start of a rant about the Sniffler (joined today by a Sniffless), the Shout-Sneezer, the Serial Chip-Cruncher, Miss Obnoxious Loud Cell Ring On Her Abandoned Phone, or even Mr. Apparently Can’t Hear How Loud His Computer Is But Everyone Else In The State Can.

Read more of this post

What do normal people eat?

No seriously… what do normal people fix for dinner? Assuming they are in no way responsible for either feeding another human or modeling good dietary habits for another human… what are other people doing? Read more of this post

Mad Men: Severance was like a dream…

I’m just going to post this bit of flotsam. It will connect to nothing (as is so often the case with my flotsam, which by definition runs to the semi-random) and most of my readers (are you even out there?) won’t even know what I’m talking about. No worries. The Mad Few watched Mad Men… live or streamed after the fact.  If not yet… be warned of spoilers. Kind of. Read more of this post

Mexican coffee?

Or at least, Mexican-inspired.

Today’s coffee brewed with ground cinnamon (as always) Read more of this post

Day 2 of conference

Pouring rain in NYC on my way. Get out of the parking lot en route to the train station, only to realize I forgot something I need. Drive back, run back in, start again. Read more of this post

Day 1 of conference

Conference good so far.

Room absolutely freezing. Read more of this post

Suddenly all girly and whatall

So he’s chatting with me, and it’s friendly and fun and a girl might even wonder if flirtatious, and then he asks if my colleague had a good time last night and I’m just… like… um, I think so.  Read more of this post


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