Life in the snowglobe

They weren’t really calling for snow today. Cold, oh my yes, but not snow. The snow was supposed to come on Tuesday, when we got all that rain instead. So I was a little surprised when I walked outside and saw the light dusting on the ground, the pure white crystalline flakes falling in gentle swirls in the air.

It’s like living in a snowglobe. How lovely.

The ground is just barely covered. The car, easily brushed clear. If one must have snow, one thinks, this is the snow to have: pretty, but without all the inconveniences.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It’s a deceptive snow out there this morning. It’s barely there, not enough to need, or even be able, to plow. Not so light and dry that it just drifts in patterns over the roads, like so much white dust. Not so heavy and wet that it clings and piles up, growing denser, more substantial, under its own weight. It’s that perfect place in the middle, where it seems like nothing at all but it’s made the roads into a slick mess, acting like ice even without the ice itself.

The commute today was not fun. It was long and slow and frustrating and occasionally outright scary… and I was one of the lucky ones. I stayed on the road. I didn’t slide around, or slide off, or slide into.

It’s still snowing now – the flakes clustering as they fall, to form still larger flakes; the snowglobe imagery stronger than ever.

They say it will get warmer, and maybe even turn to rain. They say the temperature will drop, and freeze everything for days to come. They say… they say… while I long for spring.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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