Pink and red, as far as the eye can see

I stopped at the grocery store this weekend to pick up a couple of items. And as soon as I walked in, I was made aware of one indisputable fact:

Valentine’s Day is coming.

This is clearly evidenced by the sea of pink and red in which the store is suddenly awash. It took me by surprise, even though I know that February 14th is coming. It comes, oddly enough, right around the same time each year. 😉

For the most part, I think of myself as a person who ignores this useless, recipe-for-disappointment-regardless-of-your-relationship-status holiday. On the other hand, some years it has had a feel to it. Like the year that I was new to the company and worked in a department where flowers, it seemed, were virtually mandated. Of course, it has a distinctive flavor whenever one is newly in love, or newly heartbroken. And the year we held the 360 Flower Show it was just a lot of fun.

Right now I would have to say that I feel even more ambivalent about Valentine’s Day than usual. I don’t have to deal with floral terrorism in the office this year. I’ll be out of town for a conference, so “having a date” is a total non-issue: I’ll be at an business reception that night. Which actually turns out well because there are two boys who might want to spend the evening with me (a problem I can’t recall ever dealing with before, and one that makes me feel like such a guy)… and by being out of town I have the opportunity to sort that situation out in my own time.

I suppose my ambivalence about where I stand with both of these guys is coloring my perspective of this whole artificially-examine-your-relationships holiday.

Either that, or I’m just burnt out from working crazy long hours lately, and it’s making me overthink things.

Yeah, that’s it. I’m overthinking it because I’ve been working too hard. Not because I’m a girl, and that’s what we do. LOL.


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