Post-Lost musing

So the new season of LOST has begun. And as always, it’s a mind-twisting, thought-provoking journey. I have my theories, my thoughts, my impressions. There is a strong flavor of spiritual battle to the episodes of late. Is it intentional, is it only my read on it, or is it more misdirection before the final curtain falls?

Time will tell.

But what I found myself thinking in particular about after this episode, was the people I have met along my journeys. We are watching this odd dual reality… watching people we have come to know and who have come to know each other following the crash of Oceanic 815… an alternate path in which there was no crash, and they don’t know each other. Just strangers, who happen to have been on the same plane. That trip has meant different things to each of them. They’ve shared a journey, and yet not really shared it at all. They don’t see the importance they can or should have for each other. They don’t recognize each other, don’t know who they could be to each other, while as outsiders looking in, we do.

And I find myself thinking about all the people I have met along my own journeys. The trips and tours I’ve gone on, the wonderful people I have met along the way, and how thankful I am that some of us can still stay in touch, even this little bit that technology allows. Even where it has not, even if it did not, I would still carry the memory of them in my heart.

I find myself thinking too that we’re all on a journey, every day… whether it’s on a flight, or a train, or a bus, or the same road or same sidewalk with other people on their own journeys. Maybe the same people, over and over again, and we don’t realize it, don’t recognize them.

That person in the next car over… in another reality, that person might be a great friend, your best friend, a person who would change your life forever. The person you know so well that you no longer see could still surprise you with how much you love each other, if you just looked again with fresh eyes.

With this strange LOST perspective I will head off to bed. Next week they will send me off in new directions, and that’s OK too. For tonight, I am happy to think warm thoughts for the friends I have made around the world. You are in my heart and I do not forget. Thank you for sharing your journeys with me – may there be many more to come.


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