The hard conversation

Today I had the very difficult conversation with the boy I wish I liked more. He’s nice. He’s kind. He’s thoughtful. He’s good-looking and funny and smart. And he really likes me. But in one of those cruel ironies of life, I don’t feel it back. I mean, I like him, but I’m not in like with him, if you see what I mean.

At least, not now. Not yet. But since I don’t know if/when that might change, I had to tell him. Didn’t want to. Wasn’t fun. I’m sure it hurt him, but hopefully less than stringing him along indefinitely would have.

I guess it’s good to have that conversation behind me. In much the same way that I’m glad to be done with the shoveling. Which was also not fun. But hey, that’s one more storm down, and survived.

Stay warm out there.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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