Travel moods: A new “Somewhere”

    When I first started traveling, there were a lot of emotional facets to it.

    One, sad to say, was a sense that the plain, quiet, homebody me was “not enough” and I needed to go and do more in order to be more. I had some sense that being a traveler would make me a more interesting person, when in fact it is probably quite possible to be a well-traveled bore.

    I also felt a need to prove something to myself — that I could go, that I was brave enough to go even if it meant going alone.

    I’m never alone, of course, so that’s a truly wonderful aspect to travel: getting out of the comfort zone of my life allows me to see how reliant I am on God’s goodness and mercy in ways I become blind to, start to take for granted, in the ordinaryness of day-to-day life.

    On a trip, it becomes so much more apparent how little is in my control, really. That can be terrifying. And it can be glorious.

    The other way in which I am not alone on my trips is that I meet people. I am not naturally outgoing, not easygoing with new people … maybe with most people, new or not. But the adventure of travel comes with trials, large and small, and with them come reasons to talk and moments of bonding with those around me.

    I have met some of the most interesting, and nicest, people while on an adventure. I wonder who I will meet next.

    I wonder what I will see next. Something beautiful, something exotic, something historic. Endless diversity, a fascinating balance of complexity and simplicity, the staggering and intricate beauty of nature, reflecting the God who created it. Or the bustle of a city … humming with the sounds of people — each one both simple and complex, each one a bundle of hopes and wishes and worries, each one beloved of God — and punctuated with their architecture, their art, their history — the attempts of man to reach immortality.

    I find myself almost greedy sometimes for the sights and sounds of a new place. Little achiever that I am, part of it is just to check of a little box in my head (“been there, done that”).

    More than that though, I want to experience new places. To see what of the place I will carry away with me. To discover what will capture and keep a piece of my heart there after I go.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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