It’s almost shameful that I happen to know that today is my blogiversary, in light of the fact that I’ve probably blogged a handful of times since the last one.

    What happened to me? I used to blog faithfully, almost daily.

    I’ll tell you what happened: I became a chicken.

    Having a blog on Yahoo 360, where whatever semi-random flotsam drifted out of my head was largely anonymous was liberating. But when that went away, and my choices were Multiply (which I did not like allatmuch at first, and still haven’t fully warmed to even though I have rediscovered some of my favorite/fellow 360-ers there) or Facebook Notes or WordPress – and both Facebook and WordPress tie my musings to the real (identifiable) me, well, I pretty much stopped.

    It’s one thing to let whatever floats out of my head drift into the anonymous ether of the internet, but it’s something else for that to tie back to me in a way that friends, family and colleagues could read. It gives me a squidgy feeling.

    But I have to start getting over it. Seriously, this is pathetic.  So here I am. Posting my semi-random flotsam. Discovering kindred spirits here in the blogosphere.

    Let the experiment (re)begin. See y’all back here again, real soon.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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