To use the Urban Dictionary word of the day from a few days ago, what I’m about to say constitutes bragplaining:

    I have too much time I need to take off, and no clear way to do it.

    First off, that constitutes bragplaining because I have a job. Not everyone who wants a job has one right now (or ever, but especially now) and so there’s a certain amount of shut up and be grateful that needs to be recognized. I have a job. I am thankful for that. I sincerely wish and hope and pray for provision, for all those out there who are looking for work.

    Second off, it’s bragplaining because not everyone who is working has any time off. I get that. I have been on an hourly wage, where every day off is a day unpaid. And I worked for almost 4 years at a company that gave a miniscule amount of vacation time per year, and didn’t allow any carryover from year to year, making an extended vacation ever well nigh to impossible. Trust me, I get how much it stinks never to be able to get away from the job we’re ever-so-thankful-for.

    Once I got back to a company that gave some days (the time off I was offered was as big if not a bigger selling point than the salary) and allowed some vacation carryover, I became a voracious hoarder of time. Which is what brought me to my current dilemma.

    Add to that the current business climate in which no one feels like they dare be away from their desk lest someone decide they aren’t needed, and here we are, an entire natioin of people who refuse to use up their meager vacation time.

    For me it’s not so much that I think I’d lose my job if I went away. I refuse to live in fear: I’ve been downsized before, chances are good it will happen again, and one survives it, grows from it, comes out ahead later (even if sometimes it’s much later).

    It’s not that I’d necessarily lose my job… it’s that my calendar is full already. I’m full-up with meetings and projects and training sessions until end-September. Then in October, I start my new role in earnest. My boss is anxiously awaiting that glorious day. She’s building a long list of projects to give me. I can’t see her being excited about giving me days off then.

    Somehow, amidst this madness, I need to get a couple of days to go see my Sis and family. A couple of days, fercryinoutloud, and I’m not sure how to swing it. Somehow I will; promises have been made to small people. But the how of it remains a mystery.

    At this rate, the only way I can use up my time, during a lull period for our department, and not lose any, is for me to take the last 2 weeks of the year off.

    Hmm. That would be summertime in Australia or New Zealand. I’m sure that my family would all understand if I wasn’t around for the holidays. And if I didn’t have any money left for presents, what with the travel expenses. It would be fine.



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One Response to Bragplaining

  1. Pete says:

    Was here, catchingup. Hope you’re having a good trip.


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