Does anyone else ever pre-emptively weird themselves out?

Here’s what I mean… I was once on a date with someone (with apologies to my long-time readers who may recall this) and had a colleague come up and say “hi” in the middle of it. And I was so discombobulated by the first-date business (I am both flirting- and dating-impaired) that I hugged the guy. My colleague, I mean. You know, like you hug an old friend when you run into them. But I don’t hug current colleagues under normal circumstances, so that was a weird thing to do. We finished our brief greetings and then he walked away (unfazed by the event) but I was totally confused and befuddled and weirded out, thinking about how that might have been a bizarre thing to do, and how I might have weirded him out by doing it.

See how this works?

An example of Blue-Green eyes. Self-made.

Image via Wikipedia

Last week I did it again. I was sitting with a girl on my team who is going to be taking over a part of my responsibilities. And at one point she turned to me to ask a question. And we made brief eye contact, which apparently normal people are capable of doing every-so-often in the course of conversation. She has really pretty green eyes. And I said so. And then I wondered, post-blurt, if that was a weird thing to say, especially to a colleague. So immediately I became all confused and befuddled and weirded out about possibly weirding her out.

I think too much. I especially think too much about stupid stuff.


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