Missing blue

It’s been a hot dry summer this year. The ground has been dry, that is; the air has been a nightmare of humidity. I haven’t had a good hair day in over a month. What little rain has fallen has been brief and light, barely wetting the ground and doing little to alleviate the heat, instead only fueling the humidity. The new grass seed the complex laid down in the common areas around the newly-poured sidewalks, left uncared for, creates an ugly swath of dull earth leading to the brittle brown mess of the existing courtyard grass.

We have needed some rain. We have needed a respite from the obnoxious sticky heat we’ve suffered through all summer.

Sunday, the sky opened up and released a torrent. Thunder roared and lightning flashed, and — as I learned later — low-lying areas experienced flooding. A low, gray cloudcover has hovered over us since, offering intermittent showers and giving a sleepy pre-dawn cast to the days.

It is great sleeping weather. Which may be why everyone seems only half-awake.

The meteorologists point out how unseasonably cool it is for August. I live on the top floor, where it’s always warmest, so I note happily that my electric bill that had soared to double it’s usual summertime high, will be falling closer to normal levels from lack of A/C use. I am also more pleased than most that for the first time in weeks it is actually comfortable. The days are not punishingly hot. At night, a light cover feels good.

In some ways, I am loving the cooler fall-arriving-before-fall temperatures, but even I wouldn’t mind seeing the open sky for just a bit. A little sunshine, the moon, some stars. This morning’s rain was a very steady mist. Too light to need to worry about umbrellas. It was cool, but not cold. But it is day four of The Gray, and I am missing blue.


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