Ow ow ow

Office Chair

It hurt to sit here today. And not just because I was at work.

So, here’s another great reason NOT to give up exercising: Because if you let yourself get out of shape, everything hurts all over again.


After my little self-peptalk a couple of days ago, I got back on the horse (so to speak… no actual horses were involved) and went back to my exercise routine. My exercise routine has been to do drop sets of weights for about 20-30 minutes, M/W/F, and about 30 minutes of cardio the other days.

Day 1 was Monday, so I did my weights. But, OK, I know I have let my muscles atrophy just the teensiest bit. So I didn’t jump back up to the weight levels I had been at. I downgraded everything by one weight level, in hopes of not hurting myself, and discovered that with the exception of maybe 1 exercise, I can still use the previous weight limits. Hey, great, not as bad as I feared.

Um, no. Two days later, everything hurts like the dickens.

Day 2 was Tuesday – no weights, as those need at least a day between them – so I popped in the cardio workout that I like. I was a little stiffer than usual from working out the day before. Then as I got going, I could feel it having an impact. In a good way.

But then the office called and I spent 3 hours consulting on a problem, and then it was ridiculously late. So that pretty much shot the rest of the workout to heck, so I only got 15 of my 30 minutes in.

Still, 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes, so we will put that in the “win” column anyway.

Day 3 is Wednesday. Back to weights. I overslept and didn’t get it done before work, so it has to be an after work thing. It WILL be an after-work thing. But Oh.My.Goodness, everything hurts.

Before I get up out of my chair, I have to stretch just a little bit because I stiffen up so badly. (Partly an age thing, maybe, because I seem to stiffen up in general after too long in one position, in a way that I don’t remember being a problem any other time in my life. But then, maybe I used to move more. Not for nothing, but children fidget. Teens shift. Adults, particularly adults-who-work-in-cubicles, tend to sit-in-one-place-for-long-periods.)

So I stretch ever-so-subtly, and then I get up out of my chair. Ow ow ow. And then I walk, much more slowly than usual. Ugh ugh ugh. And then I go up the stairs. Oh oh oh. And back down the stairs. Ooh ooh ooh. And then I sit back down. Ow ow ow!

If I keep at it, in a few days I will start to feel a lot better. The soreness will go away, and I’ll be able to move a little less gingerly, and everything will start to tone and tighten up.

Please remind me never to give up exercise again. It is SO not worth going through this pain again.


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