Winter approaches, and I’m cold

Close up of an icicle

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It’s cold in my apartment.

I mention this because, inane as it is, it actually borders on newsworthy. Or it does, if you know anything about my apartment. My apartment is virtually never cold. I’m on an upper floor and get full sun to the front of the building from midday on. Heat rises, cool air sinks, and in the summer my apartment gives new meaning to the word “hot.” In the winter – well, in the winter my apartment is usually a pleasant sort of temperature. Not a lot of need to bundle up, as a whole, except on the coldest of cold days. In fact, I struggle most days to get dressed properly because it’s so warm in my apartment that it’s hard to make myself dress for reality outside, or in my usually-an-icebox office. I need the extra layers and all, but it’s unpleasant to come clean from the shower, get dressed, and break into an overheated sweat.

Today I am not having that problem. Today it’s actually cold. It’s cool and clear outside, but the wind is not howling. Snow is not falling. Why is it so doggone cold in here, then? My feet are cold even in socks and my hands… oh, my poor hands need to be wrapped around a warm cup of something.

It’s only autumn. We still have months before it gets really bad. But winter approaches, and I’m so cold.


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