Assessing the day: Nov 16

So… let’s recap the usefulness factor for today:

Work: Was consistently busy, but not stressing-myself-sick busy. All in all, not a bad day on that front.

Holidays: Making progress. Some presents were ordered, some arrived. This makes me feel good because otherwise it creeps up on me, and then I feel stressed out and overwhelmed. SO not what I want the holidays to be about, so progress on this front is a plus.

Health: Could have done better as far as lunch decisions, but ate sensibly for dinner AND got in my cardio workout. Who ever would have imagined I would like exercising so much?

: Some good moments. Moments when I was IN the moment. Moments when I realized and rested in my reliance on God in Christ. Moments when it occurred to me that I had been on autopilot, and needed to check back in, and be listening for the Holy Spirit’s leading. And then opportunities to get to know some of my cubicle neighbors, in a deeper way.  So… ups and downs, good and bad. But God is good (all the time!) so I’ll lean on Him.

Time Use: I definitely need to put some time limits on my use of social networking sites (particularly the games). WOW, that is a timesuck for me.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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