Dark morning

Something isn’t right when I wake up. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it’s there nonetheless.  I realize that it’s Sunday and I probably need to get up and get ready for church, and that’s when it occurs to me that I don’t remember my work alarms going off.  Resetting them was one of the last things I did before getting in bed. Though it is pretty dim outside, I somehow doubt it’s that early.  I look at the clock and see the problem at once. The power went back out after I went to bed. Funny, in a way.

So I go to find another clock – turns out I’m going to miss church this morning – and a cell phone to call the power company.  Their automated system captures that I am reporting a power outage, then dutifully collects my account information. You know, in case I have no power because I haven’t paid them or something. There’s a pause while they verify that my power should be on, and thereafter refer to the issue as a blackout.

The system tells me that they have no reports of power failures in my area, but that they will dispatch someone to me by 3:30PM. The system asks me if I want to be contacted with updates (Yes). Then it asks if I want to receive those calls at (the number I’m calling from) and as I say “Yes” again, I’m impressed that they are smart enough to sense the cell number I’m calling from, and not the number on my account, since my home phone is tied to my cable and sans-power I’m cut off from the world.  Then they ask if I want update calls after 9PM, which I find a little unsettling (Do we really think that the power will be off that long? Does my cell have enough charge for that?), and when I say “No” I am suddenly routed to a real person.

She takes my information all over again, and then lets me know that there are issues reported in the area and they are being worked on. I thank her for the update; the recording said there were no reports and it was unsettling to think so. “Has the power been off long,” I ask. I suspect it’s been off at least 4 hours, for me not to have had my alarms go off, but she says no, just a little while. That seems pretty inspecific but I leave it be and thank her for her help.

After I hang up, I have to decide what I’m going to do next. I could get in the shower, but I’m not sure if there will be any leftover hot water in the system, and an icy shower doesn’t sound appealing. That also means there won’t be hot water for washing dishes or anything.

Oh Lord, I can’t make coffee. The Dunkin Donuts here is a walk-in, so I don’t want to even go get coffee unless I shower first.

No coffee… drat.

Still, I don’t mind the quiet. I’m comfortable with my own thoughts, as a rule. I’m rather sorry I left off my reading last night in the judgment chapters of Revelation though.  I could read on… I know it ends well… but it’s so dark in here.  I look out the window. It’s pouring rain.  What a lousy day to have to be trying to do pole-work, I think.  Outside, two neighbors are shouting from one door to another. What’s going on?  Our power is out. Yeah, us too. What’s going on? I dunno. Are you able to check the scanner? I think maybe someone hit a pole. How long has your power been out?

I putter around a bit. I can tidy, but not clean. I can’t vacuum, and there’s no hot water for washing. I start a list, jot some notes, and then after a while I hear it.

My fridge has kicked back on.

I wait a few minutes, in case the power isn’t steadily on yet.  Then it’s on to coffee-making.  Oh coffee.

I am newly empowered. Let the day begin.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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