Ten more days

The year is winding down. It’s hard to believe, but there it is. Ten days left.

And for me, only 2 work days left, as I’ve taken the time I would otherwise lose. Theoretically this was supposed to be a good time to be off, since it’s generally a slow time for us to be launching anything new. Unfortunately it’s proving to be a very hectic time of year instead, as there are countless projects launching in the new year.

It’s not a good time to travel, either… too unthinkable to miss family gatherings in favor of far-off destinations and too expensive to even consider it anyway.

Ten days left in 2010.  So much I thought of doing this year, and didn’t. Didn’t join the gym (probably wouldn’t have gone anyway). Didn’t visit any international destinations at all. Didn’t write a short story, let alone a novel. Didn’t sign up for the photography program. Didn’t take dance classes, or cooking classes, or learn a language, or try to ride a horse. Didn’t see my nieces as much as I should or would like, nor take them on any special adventures (ok, they’re young yet, so they’d be local adventures, but still).

With 10 days left, I could go nuts and try to right all these perceived wrongs. I could join the gym (even if I won’t go). I could sign up for a class. I could find something totally cool to take my nieces to – OK, probably it would have to be something to do for next year.  I could book an international vacation, even if I don’t get to leave in 2010. And I could totally write a story – and even if it’s horrifically bad, giving myself permission to be bad is the first step toward having the juices flowing for something good later.

And who knows, I might do some of those things.

Not the gym thing though. I couldn’t get myself to the gym when it was in the same building as me; there’s no way I’ll get myself to go out of my way to attend.

It’s important to know yourself, when you’re thinking about these things.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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