Post-shopping grazing

So the groceries arrived. Food in the house. Which, in my place, is always a little like Christmas. Whee!

Peapod brought me my groceries, which is my preference especially when I’m buying heavy items. Which I was only buying a few of, after all. But I did buy a lot of stuff.

Not compared to other people, maybe. But compared to me.

So I managed to find space for everything in my cabinets, and got the meat split up into single-serving units and into the freezer. It was all very productive.

And then the grazing began. Sweet. Then salty. Now I would like sweet again.

Um, NO.

I. Can’t. Have. Food. In. The. House.

Well, bleah. Tomorrow will be a new day though; to make better choices.  Maybe I can still squeeze in some exercise tonight?

Who am I kidding?


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4 Responses to Post-shopping grazing

  1. territerri says:

    It’s so hard NOT to graze on freshly purchased groceries, isn’t it? It all looks so good!


    • aka gringita says:

      Welcome territerri!
      Well, it is hard for me anyway. 🙂 I imagine that there are people who can have newly arrived food in the house, and not want to eat it right away. I just don’t know who they are! ;


  2. Em says:

    Hmmm – I’ve occasionally thought about using a grocery service…..but I think I’m just too much of a control freak to manage. I mean, you are trusting their eyes (and hands) to deliver you a properly ripe pineapple or the best marbled strip steak. If they are out of something, do they pick an alternative for you or do you find yourself with plenty of queso, but no Reduced Fat White Corn Tostitos?

    Do tell….


    • aka gringita says:

      At the account level, you have the option of setting up to allow them to send you substitutions in case of out-of-stock, or not. If they make a substitution, it’s usually just another brand of the same product (and their policy is to honor the price you ordered at, if the substitution is more expensive).

      I’ve only twice had a product be out of stock that I ordered, and I’ve been using the service for a while. Though, again, not for every grocery need.

      I was hesitant to try them for meat or produce until a friend at work mentioned that she thought it was actually superior via the delivery service than “in store”. I have yet to have a problem with meat or produce quality – in fact I agree with her that sometimes it’s better than what’s available in the store. [I’ve had extremely good luck with scallopini which is rarely available in my store and often when it is it’s been cut all unevenly; perfect thin slices via the delivery service selection the last few times. The salad-in-a-bag is DEFINITELY better via the Peapod service than in MY Stop & Shop but that isn’t saying much considering how sad they always seem to be in my store). But I have also not tried to order anything really persnickety (yet), like pineapple (has to be exactly right) or green plaintains (if they aren’t green enough, my tostones won’t be good). I’ve only once ordered fresh fish from them & wasn’t quite as happy.]

      Overall though, I really like the service, and I think their quality of the things I’ve used them for has been very good. Of course that’s all based on *my* local Peapod versus Store experience. Your mileage may vary. 😉


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