Beach vacation peeves (@girlonthecontrary)

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Girl on the Contrary posted some beach-vacation-related pet peeves today, which struck me as on the mark (right down to the need to filter oneself somewhat).

Rather than usurp her comments by writing a book, I add these two to hers:

1. Do not encroach. It’s understandable that we will all be in each other’s space on a very small, crowded beach. But if there is a lot of beach and not an immense crowd, let’s give each other some room. That way if you want to play some tunes (at a reasonable listening level, please, not so it can be heard on the other side of the body of water – and yes I suppose that could be a separate peeve in itself) it will not become a war of musical tastes. As an added bonus, I won’t have to smell your lunch or overhear your every whispered conversation.  So hey, don’t plunk down 3 feet from me on an otherwise empty beach, unless you know me…  Or, you know, if you happen to be an attractive and well-adjusted single man and were hoping to get to know me.

2. If you are a parent, and want a vacation from being a parent, you have to leave your children with someone back home.  If you bring your kids with you, you are still responsible for them. Kids will be kids, and they should *totally* get to have fun on vacation; I am not suggesting otherwise.  But there is a difference between kids having innocent and exuberant fun, and outright horrible behavior.  You and your kids are not alone on this beach; there are other people also on vacation. Your kids don’t get to bully other kids, deliberately and persistently disturb other vacationers, or endanger themselves or others.  I’m not amused by bad behavior in children (and again, I mean bad and not simply child-like behavior), and I’m not your babysitter just because I’m on the same beach.

What are your beach-vacation-pet-peeves?


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One Response to Beach vacation peeves (@girlonthecontrary)

  1. Yes! I love these additions. So very on the mark. The resort I was at was crawling with little kids and many of those fell into the “hellion” category. Super annoying. Thanks!!


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