Movie and dessert

Thursday night I went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader before it left theaters, and then came home to bake cookies.

Those two thoughts aren’t related, it’s just the order in which things happened.

The only place that was still playing the movie NOT in 3D has converted over to a dine-in theatre.  You pay double to see the movie, and the extra money is a credit you can use to order food. From the waiter. In the theatre.

Um, okay. I guess this is good for those dinner-and-a-movie evenings when you’ll never make the movie if you eat and it will be too late to eat after the movie.

Or something.

Dawn Treader was fine, not entirely faithful to (or, of course, as good as) the book but faithful enough for a movie. Now I’m doing the math and hoping they’ll be able to get the Silver Chair and Last Battle movies out quickly. You know, in case the world actually ends in 2012, it would be good if they released The Last Battle before that. It would be so… apropos.

Oh my goodness, I am so ridiculous that I just have to laugh at myself.

Anyway, after the movie I came home and made cookies. I had plans on Friday night to have dinner with friends and I was planning to bring dessert. Normally this would be a buy-something kind of deal; none of my friends are surprised if I opt to buy rather than cook. You can all but count on it.

Not so, this time. Ho ho!

I have oats in my house. I have chocolate chips in my house. And  though I don’t have raisins that’s OK because I remembered that my friend A—- doesn’t like raisins in cookies, so it works out that I had cranberries to substitute.

So I made cookies. Oatmeal-craisin-chocolate-chip cookies. From a very highly-rated recipe from

Here’s how that went:

  1. I got all set, and realized I was short on unsalted butter, by about 1/2 a stick. I used salted butter for that bit, and therefore left out the tsp of salt that I was supposed to add later. Salty cookies would be yucky.
  2. I now own a food processor, which I love (Thanks Sis!) I don’t, however, own one of those big mixers. Apparently I should own one of these. My hand mixer was NOT happy, my arm was sore, and my kitchen was a batter-splattery mess.
  3. I used the biggest mixing bowl I own, and it was still not even close to big enough for this recipe.
  4. I ran out of flour, 1/2 cup short, so a 10:30 PM emergency run to the store was required.
  5. Even with the right amount of flour, oats and baking soda in them, the cookies didn’t really rise. They more like… ran. Not that they taste bad, but they are thinner and crispier than I would have liked. Or expected. And trust me, I went back and re-read twice to make sure I’d done it right after the first dozen came out flat. (Could it be because the salt got added in the wrong place? Could it be that I overmixed because I was using the hand mixer? Was it the lag time when I ran out of flour in the middle? I just don’t know.)
  6. I left out the nuts from the recipe (my friend V—- can’t have them) and I think it may have really needed them. For bulk, not for flavor.
  7. The recipe was supposed to make up about 6 dozen cookies; much less if you make them bigger. I made the first 3 dozen bigger (especially the first batch, where I didn’t know to adjust for that much spreading) and still ended up with more like 8 dozen cookies.
  8. Cookies are really easy and fast to make… on a per-dozen basis. If you’re making 8  dozen, though… it’s going to take hours to bake them all. Factor in that the larger cookies needed more time, and it’s not surprising that I was up until 1AM. On a work night. Just incidentally, I am not my best self without enough sleep.
  9. After all that, the cookies are only OK. They need… something. More oats. More cranberries. More chocolate. Nuts. Something.
  10. Next time, I’ll just do what people expect when they ask me to bring a dish: I’ll buy something.

Oh well. It was an adventure.


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2 Responses to Movie and dessert

  1. Em says:

    Baking soda starts rising when it meets liquid – so if it took a while from the time you started mixing the wet/dry ingredients – that is probably the rising problem (Baking powder is dual action – it continues to rise as it gets warm). Interesting that the recipe was so big – I tend to have the opposite problem. But I am not much of a baker so I always test drive before I commit to bringing anything anywhere..and if the test drive is a success – the office gets an unexpected treat.


    • aka gringita says:

      Hi Em! Thanks for the tip… Maybe I should have started adding the dry ingredients even without the rest of the flour, rather than wait until I had it all in hand… to give the baking soda more time to react with the liquid ingredients. Hmm. I guess I’ll never really know.


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