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There are things that, for better or worse, will probably stay with me as long as I have any faculties left. And then there are things I can’t seem to remember no matter how I try.

I was supposed to have a dentist appointment on December 27th. I didn’t remember that I had a dentist appointment. I might, in fact, easily have booked myself to some exotic location then. I didn’t, because my family was celebrating Christmas on a slight delay, so either way I had a scheduling issue. And then the snowstorms hit and extended my visit well into that week anyway.

I didn’t remember that appointment at all, having not even managed to get it on my office calendar, so it was good that they sent a little postcard reminder about 3 weeks beforehand, so that once I realized the conflict I could call and reschedule.

They didn’t have much available for me until April. Especially for weekday evenings – since my dentist’s office is close to my office, and not at all close to home. But they squeezed me in, if I could come in on Monday Jan 17. I said I could, without another thought. After all, I don’t have any trips coming up… why would I not be available on a Monday in January?

Um, MLK Day, that’s why.

It wasn’t until I added it to my office calendar (at least I got that far) that I realized my mistake. Oh well, no big deal. So I’ll commute to work one night I didn’t have to. It’s not the end of the world…

I promptly forgot about the appointment again. I would look ahead to meetings the following week, and notice it there. I would tell myself that I needed to remember it, but it just refused to stick.

So the dentist’s office emailed me to confirm my appointment, on Friday. Oh that’s right… I have that appointment. Must remember that. And I confirmed I would be there…

And promptly forgot about it again.

Until my office smartphone buzzed at about 4:30 PM today. Usually I have it set not to make any noise except for incoming calls, but I was sort of half-working earlier today on a project. So I went to check to see what email I could possibly be getting at that hour on a day off…

And it was the reminder about that appointment.


In case you missed yesterday’s installment, I’ve been living in pajamas for the last few days. I was not dressed to go out. I had not done anything with my hair since I had washed it earlier. I was, in short, in no condition to go anywhere.

Pause the movie I was streaming. Scramble into clothes. Give the teeth a sound re-brushing. Pin the hair into some semblance of order. Grab purse and a book (in case there’s a wait).  Throw on a coat. Drive, drive, drive.

Now, I’ll avoid doctors like the plague, but I have no problem going to the dentist. I actually like him very much. He’s a very nice, very friendly, very capable man. And he does not labor under the delusion that people might not need Novocaine just because a given cavity is “small” – in short, he does not believe in inflicting unnecessary pain on his patients. I am just sure that everyone who sees him, unless they have the most severe irrational fear of dentists, likes him very much. So I can’t really explain why I had this mental block. I’ll just tell you that I did.

I made a new appointment, for 6 months out. It’s in July… sometime. I left the card in my car, so I can get the appointment on my calendar at work tomorrow. If I can just remember to do that…

We’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, I need to get back into some jammies.

PS. It was a good checkup. No cavities. 🙂


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