The return

A powder snow avalanche

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I went back into the office today. It was the first time this week (snow after snow, so I worked from home). And I was only in the office one day last week, because I was deathly ill with the plague (or a cold, hard to say which for sure), so I worked from home the other days last week too.

It felt weird to be in the office. Truly. And since I’m an early arriver, and since it was a Friday, and since there was snow in the forecast, I wasn’t really sure how many of us would be in. For a long time, I was the only one in my area and it was really starting to feel like maybe I had mixed up my days and gone to work on a Saturday.

No luck. Everyone else showed up. Work-work-work.

Not a bad day. Just a bit surreal. And now I am back home, and I need to be working on something tonight. So this blog is one part procrastination, and one part postaday2011 duty-fulfillment.

Sorry I don’t have more to tell you. Hopefully I will get past this project, and finish getting over this cold, and the snowstorms will stop piling up one on top of another… and I’ll have something interesting to report.

Catch you later.


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