Are you a spambot?

Mr Robot

Mr Robot: Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Jan 23 was my single most blog hits (to date). Which is not all that many hits, mind you… but still, a personal best is a personal best. It was really very encouraging.

Except it wasn’t really. When I looked at where my hits were coming from, they were almost all from a single site. Not a site that linked to me and was driving traffic my way, or even a site that has anything to do with anything I’ve posted. No, alas, it was a spammy site that was just hitting my page and hitting my page, over and over. Trying to get me to click their link and find out who they are, perhaps.

I could sort of guess that it was a spambot by two things: (1) the site name was sort of meaningless gibberish with a very odd domain ending, and (2) more than 90% of my clicks that day came from them.

Two days later it happened again. Different site, same domain extensions. Again, I reported them as spam.

And then things got quiet. Eerily so. Are y’all out there? Have I offended?  Or are the spambots the only visitors I’ve been having? Because yesterday my numbers went back up again (and bless all you living, breathing souls who came by)… but then by the afternoon most hits were again coming from what is now listed euphamistically as “Other Sources.”

If you’re a real person, really reading this: God bless and thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come again.

If you’re a spambot: thanks for the hit and all, but there’s no need to keep pinging and pinging me. You can move along now.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

One Response to Are you a spambot?

  1. aka gringita says:

    Interesting side-note… the number one visitor to this post? A spambot, of course.


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