Guardanapo de papel

Can a napkin be a miracle? Oh, I think so. (Image via Wikipedia)

Today is one of my best friends’ birthdays, so last night we got together for a gathering to celebrate A’s birthday, and L’s husband’s birthday. We met at A’s house (more convenient in light of the wee ones) but L (hostess extraordinaire) was the official hostess of the event.  A good time was had by all, with the possible exception of the youngest member of the party, who is teething.  Poor sweet baby.

This morning, a group of the ladies from church came over my place, as planned. I made coffee and an easy variation on guava empanadas, which seemed to go over well. LB brought homemade bread (delish!) and more coffee, and RC brought bagels. We had more than enough food for everyone.

And in my own little miracle moment, I discovered that I had a package of napkins. Not a miracle, you say? I beg to differ. I never have napkins in my house. Never. There’s one of me; I use paper towels. If there are ever napkins in my house, they tend to be extra napkins from someplace I’ve brought food from. But this morning, just as I was thinking, “oh no, I should have bought napkins” I discovered a package of unopened napkins, pretty square ones that were perfectly suited for company. It was lovely.

What’s more, it didn’t snow and ice on us, which it was threatening to do. So absolutely everyone in the group made it over, and it was a great time. All glory to God.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have a bit of “homework” to do post-meeting, and maybe a nap to squeeze in for the day. Because this 7AM wakeup on a weekend? Not my cup of tea.


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