The get away

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The ruiner of dreams and the secrets of life -- Alarm Clock Image via Wikipedia

The Daily Post suggested The One That Got Away as a blog topic, and I’ve been noodling on that a bit.  They clarify: It could be a person, a thing, an idea, anything.

Do I even believe in “the one that got away”?

OK, sure. Ideas have gotten away from me. Stories that fizzled from neglect, thoughts that didn’t gel when I tried to jot them. I forget what I’m saying in the middle of saying it (apparently sometimes even I don’t listen to me). And I’ve had the moment-before-waking clarity that has made me think that I suddenly understand the secrets of the universe… a sense that is always instantly and completely dispelled – despite how I might strain to recall – by the alarm clock, telephone, or doorbell.

But aside from escaping ideas, I’m not sure how much I believe in the idea of someone or something getting away.

Missed opportunities? I hold to the idea that God will hold open or nudge me through the door He has for me. (Jonah couldn’t escape His plan, even though he tried to run in the other direction; surely God can accomplish what He intends in my life even if I falter uncertainly for a bit.)

There’s always time to do the wrong thing later, I tell myself in the moments when the thing that feels like it might slip away is something I know might be just a little… wrong. And if it’s the wrong thing, I don’t really want to do it after all, do I? The critical thing is just getting past that moment of temptation; in hindsight I know it won’t look nearly as appealing.

I believe that things work out as they are meant to. God is working all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. If there are things I’ve missed out on, they are things I have – in one way or another – been protected from.

God is almost unbearably good.

So things that didn’t work out, were simply not meant to.

With that in mind, I hardly ever (which granted, is not quite never) regret missing opportunities when I look back at them later. At least, I don’t regret them once I gain the perspective to realize I am better off having missed them.  Until I gain that perspective … who am I kidding? I can raise pining to an art form.  And time, despite the adage, will not heal the wound. Eventually, when I smarten up and let Him – God brings healing and sets me aright.

And in this moment that I am writing this blog – while there is no useless pining for anyone, no longing for what isn’t and should-not-be – I know that no one has gotten away.

Except me. I am the one that gets away. And I am thankful for it.


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