The joyous warmth of technology

It tends to be really cold in my office. Last winter we were on the fifth floor, and it was like working in a refrigerator. My boss shared a corner office with another manager. She was by the windows, and when the wind would blow outside, her hair would move inside.

Not. Good.

They found a sucker someone to lease out that space from us, and relocated us to the first floor. First thing the new tenants had done up there was to have the windows resealed, by the way. If something similar was done elsewhere in the building, it wasn’t near where we’re sitting now.

It’s still freezing on the first floor, especially in the mornings, and especially when it’s cold outside.

All winter, I’ve seen people in the hallways wearing their scarves. Not just women, and not just accessory scarves. Real, keep-me-warm-outside scarves.  We wear layers, and bundle up. My boss wears hers, along with a shawl. I wear mine every day, and a heavy sweater over my office clothes, and sometimes my coat on top of that. In the morning I hold my coffee cup to warm my hands, but when that runs out (of coffee, or of heat) I sometimes work in my gloves.

It’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen.

All around the building, people have been using space heaters. There’s no real choice; even the guys are cold.

Then we got the memo: We know the heat is a problem. We’re working on it. In the meantime, no space heaters are permitted, as this is a violation of the fire code.

So for the last few weeks, no one is using space heaters. But if anything is being done about the heat in the building, there’s no sign of it. Near as we can tell, they are waiting for spring to resolve the issue. We had the temperature drop down into the single digits for a few days last week, and if there were any humidity in the building I’m sure it would have been snowing on us indoors.

As bad as it’s been, for me worst has been how cold my hands are. My hands are cold even on those rare afternoons when the sun comes out and hits our side of the building and the temperatures reach something almost approaching bearable.  Other than those precious instances, my fingers physically ache from the chill. Even in gloves, I can barely stand to have my hand out and exposed to use the mouse.

ValueRays® Warm Mouse

So we’ve filed complaints maintenance requests, which seem to go nowhere. We explained about the morning please-kill-me-cold, and the afternoon almost-okay.

We’ve also been researching other options. Space heaters are verboten. But you know what? They make heated floor mats (for my boss it’s her feet more than her hands that make her miserable, so she’s looking into those). They make heated keyboards. They make warming mice.

Why, yes, I did order one, thankyouverymuch.

It took forever to get here, but my new heated mouse (and mousepad, and warming mitt – which is like an electric blanket to put over my hand while working – all part of one happy little kit) arrived yesterday.

I don’t care so much about the warming mitt … I’ve actually shared it with my colleagues. And the first day, the heated mouse seemed to want to lock up every so often.  Today it was feeling much better. And so was I.

It is amazing how much better I feel just not having my hand frozen. It’s like a miracle.

Great Merciful Heavens. Praise the Lord!

So, the temperatures have risen over the last couple of days. It’s been sunny and clear, and the wind doesn’t really pick up until the evenings. Because of that, it hasn’t been quite as God-awful these few days in the building.  In fact, this afternoon, it was actually almost comfortable. I didn’t need the second extra layer of sweaters, or my coat. Just my extra-warm clothes and scarf were fine. Oh, right… and I had my warming mouse cranked up on “High” to keep my otherwise icy hands toasty warm.

Naturally, maintenance showed up to check our issue in the afternoon when it warmed up, not in the morning when it was more typical. And then they gave us the look, like we were making this all up.

This problem is just never going to get resolved, which is more irritating that I can express.

Thank you God for this mouse.


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2 Responses to The joyous warmth of technology

  1. Patti says:

    That sounds wonderful! I’m a big baby (I live in southern California), but my hands get cold while I work – that warm mouse sounds great. I’m going to look into it!


    • aka gringita says:

      It is awesome! I can’t even believe how much having my fingers be warm makes the rest of the chill in the office bearable. It also has High-Low-Off settings so if I get too warm, I can turn off the heating element.


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