I had a day


Portrait of a Hermit: Image via Wikipedia

And I am having one of those nights following one of those days, when I toy with the idea of becoming a hermit.

No real reason or story to tell… just a great desire to go back and rewind the day, and avoid interactions as a whole.

Not an option though. And since tomorrow is an early start, and a late end… I have to go try to put myself to bed at this ridiculously early hour.

Sorry, this wasn’t much of a blog. Maybe tomorrow will be better. One can hope.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

4 Responses to I had a day

  1. Compulsive Writer says:

    Some times the stress of life causes days to run together like a string of ugly beads that later are called vintage …..you may look back with fondness that you can’t see now.


  2. marvinallanwilliams says:

    I can relate. Some days things just seem to go the wrong way. I chalk it up to a full moon. At least when you’re in bed you are safe from the world for awhile and when you wake up everything is shiny and new again.


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