To reunion, or not to reunion. It’s hardly a question.

I spent the weekend at my parents’ house. I always enjoy visiting with the family (and always end up eating things I shouldn’t, in that they always have things-I-shouldn’t-have-and-don’t-allow-into-my-place).

What doesn’t always happen? I don’t always get mail there. In fact, I never get mail there.

Except this weekend. This weekend, I got mail at the ‘rents house, addressed to me. Or at least addressed to a version of me in an alternate reality where I’m still married.

Anyway… apparently there are plans for a high school reunion.

I’m a little impressed that we’re even having a reunion. We were the most apathetic class in school history… I believe we were the first and only senior class NOT to win the annual “Spirit Week” competition (though to be fair, the sophomores that year really pulled out all the stops).  From what I can tell, the 10-year reunion consisted of an impromptu BYO cookout at one of the local campgrounds… or so I heard, sometime after the fact.

In that respect, I’m also impressed that I got a formal invitation (even if it is addressed to a name I haven’t used in over 10 years).  I only went to that school for a little over a year. I knew almost no one.  I lost touch with virtually all of my friends from school for years and years until recently reconnecting via Facebook.

I sort of feel the same way about this reunion that I felt about my last college reunion: if I’m still in touch with the people I actually care about, why get together with a bunch of people that, for the most part, I don’t.  OK, that sounds harsh. It’s not a negative wish-ill-on-anyone kind of thing. It’s just that … we’re not involved with each other. We were acquiantances at best back then. Probably not even. Why would I – or they – come back for this?  I certainly can’t fathom why we’d pay nearly $100 a head for the privilege?

Like I said, I only attended that high school for a little while. I actually did go to the 5-year reunion of my other high school, the one where everyone in attendance were people I had known for years; in some cases, had known since elementary school. It was strange and surreal and very like a prom, in that it seemed like the thing I really wanted and needed to do, and then afterward I wasn’t sure why I had thought so.

For my college reunions… I went one year. It was nice to bump into some people that I new tangentally and catch up a little. But I’m not a huge-circle-of-friends person. I have a few close friends… and those few I am, again, still in touch with. The reunions therefore just don’t do a lot for me.

So here’s my high school reunion invitation in hand. If I’m already at least nominally connected with the people I was friends with, and I have nothing to prove to anyone else… why would I go to this?

That’s a sincere question. I would love other people’s viewpoints on the whole “reunion” thing.

I didn’t throw the paperwork away. I may doubt that I’ll go, but I reserve the right to think it over.


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3 Responses to To reunion, or not to reunion. It’s hardly a question.

  1. Patti says:

    I attended my 15 and 20 years reunions and was really glad I did. I spent a good bit of time with the people I had been friends with in elementary and middle school, and I found it was easy to be friendly with people I had never really spent any time with in high school – people in vastly different social groups from my own. All that stuff made no difference now that we were all just people with jobs, spouses and children. It was fun. Mine didn’t cost $100 a head though! I come from a small town, so it was a simple affair. My 35th is coming up in another year – I live a lot farther away now, but as you mentioned, I’ve reconnected with a lot of folks on Facebook, so it would be kind of cool to reconnect in person.


  2. aka gringita says:

    Maybe it’s just that I’m so socially awkward anyway… not fond of Mix and Mingle settings in general… that makes me think I wouldn’t enjoy a reunion. The pricetag isn’t helping much either. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience Patti!


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