We now return you to your regularly scheduled attitude

Orange juice.

I Could Probably Use A Little of This. Looks yummy! Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Wow. Yesterday? I was whiny. You might have picked up on that. Wah wah wah.

Sorry about that. I dunno, something about mystery pain in my finger and the ongoing cough and having recently thrown up does not make for a positive outlook in the short term.  Bad time to bang out a blog entry.

It’s all in the timing.

Let’s take a step back and take an alternate look at yesterday:

I got up and my cold, while not gone, is probably improving.  The orange-flavor cough medicine is not as obnoxious-tasting as one might fear. OK, there’s no getting around it though: the starting the engine moment was horrific. But I talked to a friend on the way to work (hands-free, of course). I got to work safely. There was grapefruit juice available in the cafeteria. Ruby red: score!

I had time to go over the presentation for the 9AM meeting. The meeting, did, indeed, run 2 hours over, but I got a free lunch out of it. Which I didn’t really get to take a break to eat, but eating it piecemeal over the day made it sort of lunch-into-dinner.

There were moments in the hours that followed that I felt stressed out beyond bearing – and I am truly, truly hoping (praying) that I did not make any major mistakes in the editing I was doing, because it was intense, and there was no time for review, and the deadline is short (Lord help me) – but there were some bright spots. Two more people on our team had promotion (or at least title changes that imply promotion – corporate life is funny that way) announcements come out. Well, three, with mine. Six this week. Tis the season.

And my team members who got new titles are all really awesome, really likable, really deserving folk.  I’d be thrilled for them even if I hadn’t gotten a title change too (and knowing that is a good feeling all its own.)

Plus lunch came with cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? (other than my waistline)

And the doctor didn’t find really find anything wrong with my finger, so while I don’t have relief, I’m choosing to be glad he didn’t take one look and tell me something awful.  Plus, who knows but that I really needed a tetanus booster yesterday, for reasons unknown to me at this time?

And the Delsym that worked so nicely all day may not have stayed down last night but it was far less obnoxious on its return than the cherry stuff had been a few days before. Half an hour later I took some Nyquil (addressing more symptoms) and it did stay down, and 15 minutes later I was having the pleasant flush of warmth that tells me it’s hit my system.

And I slept, and I woke, and in retrospect yesterday wasn’t really all that bad after all.

It’s all in how you look at it.

Gotta run. I’ve just burned through all my extra morning time, so I gotta get a move on to get ready for work.


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3 Responses to We now return you to your regularly scheduled attitude

  1. But waistlines *love* cookies. They hog them aaaaaaaallll to themselves. 😛

    Is the finger better?


  2. Kass says:

    Hope you feel better soon! (When it rains, it pours!)


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