The trouble with water

Private bathroom (Thailand).

Not my bathroom: Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

(Alternate title: In which I am a moron)

Water. There’s been a good bit too much of it lately… in one form or another.

Yesterday we had the most amazing, torrential downpour. It was quite a sight. Not that I’d have seen it, huddled as I was in my pajamas all day, had not the cubano called (insisting that I had called him, which, in fact, I hadn’t), and prompting me to meander the apartment to the back windows where I can see the outside world while we talked. It was 70 degrees in Miami, where he and his family will be visiting at least another couple of weeks (unless he decides to buy down there). It was raining cats and dogs here.

In the morning I woke groggy and lethargic to the alarm, and padded about the apartment for couple of minutes, then went to get myself ready for the shower. As I moved from bedroom to bathroom I glanced out the back window and was totally disheartened by what I saw:

Flurries. No, no, no! I want to be done with winter!

So then I headed into the bathroom to start the ritual ablutions. I brushed my teeth, then rinsed the sink well, so I could soak some hand-washables while I’m at work today. While the sink filled with water I started the shower water to get it to a comfortable temperature. I am a multitasker extraordinaire.

Or not.

I took my shower and as I turned off the water I realized that I still could hear water running.

Oh, no. I didn’t turn off the sink! How could I do something so stupid? Thank God it’s got that little hole that keeps it from overflowing…

Uh oh. ‘Twas blocked by the soaking handwashables. Oh. No.

Oh yes. My bathroom was flooded up to the height of the marble doorjam. Every towel in my place (except the one I was wrapped in) was quickly pressed into service to control the floodwaters.

Note to self: multitasking is not your thing on Monday mornings pre-coffee.

On the plus side, the hard-to-reach corners of my bathroom have probably never been so clean.

My neighbors weren’t banging down my door to tell me I was flooding their place, so I’m hoping (read as praying) they’ll have been unscathed by my idiocy. The apartment complex will let me know one way or another, if they need to come slap a coat of paint on things (because that is how they address water damage around here).

And here’s my Monday morning miracle: my hairdryer had been left plugged in and was laying on the floor… just outside the bathroom door. Which is extra good because had it been lying there inside the bathroom door (ergo in half an inch of water), I might have either shorted out the entire building, or blindly stepped out to death by electrocution!

Whew. Narrow escapes.

By the time I got the place all cleaned and dry, there were no more flurries outside. Clear skies, if high winds. Beside the highways, floodwater from yesterday’s rain has not quite reached the roadways, and is slowly receding. The troubles with water seem to be over for now.

If I needed to have a self-generated calamity today, better that I get it out of the way early, I suppose.

I hate when I’m a moron.


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6 Responses to The trouble with water

  1. markp427 says:

    Sounds like a close call there! Glad you weren’t electrocuted. Or didn’t slip in a puddle, bang your head on the sink, and pass out.


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  3. Oh no! I’m also a multitasker so I completely understand. How many times have I left something in the oven or microwave way too long because I’m doing something else? Too many.


    • aka gringita says:

      Thanks, I feel better knowing I’m not alone.

      Your examples are especially relatable to me right now because last weekend I was doing the dishes and I drove myself crazy trying to figure out What did I do with my coffee cup from this morning? I finally found it last night… when I went to reheat something for dinner. Apparently I had tried to warm my coffee in the microwave, and forgot about it in there. (Ugh!)


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