A longing for madness


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College basketball is on TV right now. Teams are still vying for position, as the NCAA championships approach.

I really, really want to like college basketball. There was a time when basketball was one sport I could stand to watch – something about being one of the few I really understood all the rules of (unlike football, which I couldn’t tolerate at all) and without it taking hours and hours out of my life to watch a game (unlike baseball, which I liked but could really only watch an entire game once in a while).

Then I spent 10 years in a one-television household with the guy who watched nothing but sports-sports-sports year ’round.

Ever since I got sole custody of my own remote control, I don’t really watch sports. Because I don’t have to.

I care (sometimes a great deal) about the outcome of the World Series, but feel no real compulsion to see the games.  We’ve already established that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I’m no longer entirely anti-football, in that there’s a college team that I follow. Sort of … I mean, I don’t really go out of my way to watch their games, but I do actively want them to win and if I happen to stumble onto a game during the course of a season – or if they make it into a Bowl game – I will watch avidly and enjoy greatly. Who woulda thunk?

Basketball… well, like I said. I’d really like to like college basketball. I’d like to get tied up in March Madness and be cheering on a team. And of course there are teams I could root for. The college whose football team I like, perhaps. Or my alma mater, especially considering I live practically in the shadow of the university. Last I heard they were still in it.

Probably if I was emotionally connected to a team, it would be more engaging for me.

(Pauses to watch a play on the muted TV screen, and sighs.)

I would love to love college basketball.

I’m really, really going to give it a go. We’ll see.

Who are you rooting for in March Madness? Or are you just waiting to get your TV back when it’s over?


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4 Responses to A longing for madness

  1. Patti says:

    March Madness is a worthwhile TV sporting time of year. Having attended Indiana University, I used to be all about the tournament (my senior year was one of IU’s winning years) – it is very exciting.
    I still enjoy it, but my passion has waned – 30 years out of college and I’m just not feeling that connected to it anymore. But it will definitely be on in our house – I’ll watch some of the games and I’ll enjoy it. But I guess I do kind of miss the real excitement I used to feel about it.


  2. markp427 says:

    While I do have an affinity for pro sports, I’ve never gotten into the college scene. So, for me, March Madness is this mysterious time of year where people walk around talking about “brackets” and “sweet 16” and teams like Seton Hall and UNLV and “the Bulldogs” (wherever they’re from) and I’m just left scratching my head.


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