Awesome Saturday

A cinnamon roll with glaze

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It was another Saturday gathering of the ladies at my place. 8AM, not really a fit hour (in my opinion) to be doing much else on a Saturday other than savoring a cup of coffee, or maybe dreaming.

(That’s funny sounding. “The ladies” are 7-10 women from my church, anywhere from 3-15 years younger than me. How did I manage to become the oldest person? And wouldn’t it be nice if I were anywhere close to being among the wisest there?)

In any case, the ladies were coming. I had just had groceries delivered, and had gotten almost everything I needed for another version of guava empanadas, but found myself short of cream cheese. So in actuality, I had nothing to serve. Coffee, yes, of course. And I knew L would bring something baked, and A would bring some fruit. We wouldn’t be hurting for snacks, and it’s really not about the food.

Still, at a little after 7, I was on my way over to the supermarket to pick up the cream cheese, some paper products, and something I could make on really short notice… in this case, cinnamon rolls.

The ladies came. The meeting went well. Everything was good.

And then I napped, so that was good too.

Later in the evening my sister called. She was up in town visiting friends and letting the kids get together.  She was able to get away and we went for Thai food and good conversation. I don’t see my sister anything like often enough, so it was fantastic to see her.

All in all… it was an awesome Saturday. I hope yours was as well.


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2 Responses to Awesome Saturday

  1. markp427 says:

    Well, mine didn’t feature guava empanadas, but it was okay otherwise.


    • aka gringita says:

      Guava paste and queso blanco (cream cheese will do) in a crust. Filo dough, puff pastry, even wrapped in crescent rolls. I like filo best but it’s WAY too much effort. Crescent rolls were extremely easy but the ratio of dough to filling wasn’t quite right. Puff pastry was tasty, and very easy. I’m planning to try making them as tartlets with pie crust next time.


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