Sans boy

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At present I am without boy.

Technically, I am without boy more often than not. While to a whole lot of people to be without someone would sound a lot like a prison sentence, to me it’s pretty normal. Not to say I’m opposed to there being a someone, I am just really OK with my own company.

But the boy went to Miami last month, and although we have been “off again” for a good long time – on the order of years – I found myself missing him. Something about the sneaking suspicion that he might not actually come back.

Well, the month came and went. He’s put a bid on a house down there. He’s waiting to hear if it’s accepted. Meanwhile he’s trying to work out a temporary living arrangement down there to extend his stay in the interim.

And while I was already without boy, it makes me realize how much the boy – even just the idea of the boy – was a placeholder in my life.  Like a childhood security blanket; you might no longer sleep with it (oh, ha ha, funny… no), but it’s still comforting to know it’s there, put away somewhere… just in case it’s needed.

Wow. That sounds terrible. And sort of pathetic.  Shaking that off.

Well, the boy is a good man. He’s been a good friend for a long time. So, yes, I’ll miss the boy.

I’m still okay with being me… on my own adventure.


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2 Responses to Sans boy

  1. markp427 says:

    I “get this” in more ways than you can imagine.
    I’m pretty used to being on my own, too. It’s become the norm…and I really don’t mind that so much.


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