Welcome spring! Spring? SPRING? Where are you?!?

Snow on tree

Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Friday it was in the 80s here. That’s unseasonably warm for March in this part of the country, but I wasn’t complaining. After the brutality of this winter, it felt like we deserved a leap-frog into summer. It felt like spring was going to come in gangbusters, just like winter did. It felt very very right.

Sigh. Such a short-lived reprieve.

Saturday started OK but gradually devolved until going out to glimpse the supermoon involved bundling in layers and then hurrying back in to huddle under a blanket. Sunday morning it was in the 30s but gradually warmed up to be pleasant in a springy, not-too-bad-with-a-jacket kind of way.

Today I walked out to head to work, and it was raining. I expected rain. Rain is OK. Very spring-like, a bit of rain. The rain was very, very cold, but it was morning yet. And in March. Not so unusual…

Except on the way to work the rain kept switching from just rain to wintry mix and back. Until I got up over the hill, and it changed over to snow.

SNOW? Not just little flurry snow either, but real, official, sticking-on-the-ground snow! 

On the first day of SPRING?!?

No, no, no!

Maybe the boy has the right idea. Miami is sounding better and better.


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3 Responses to Welcome spring! Spring? SPRING? Where are you?!?

  1. markp427 says:

    Wow…what part of the country do you live in, where the weather changes so abruptly?! There’s a lot to be said for our fairly steady climate here in the PNW!


  2. Kass says:

    BOO. Snow in March sucketh greatly.


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