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I was about 2 minutes from the house when I realized that I didn’t have my cell phone with me today. My phone was back at home, still plugged in to charge from the night before.

Let me just say… I HATE when I do that.

I still had my office smartphone, but my handsfree unit was – naturally – also back at home, right next to my phone.

Meaning, I could make a call if my car should break down, leaving me stranded by the side of the road. But I did not have chat-ability on the move.


Not that it mattered allatmuch, since I was still at the office post-6PM, when it’s too late to chat with some people and too dinner-timey to talk to others.

So I will have to do my catching up later on, I guess.  Speaking of dinnertime…

Gotta run gang. Things to do!

(Oh, and did I mention they’re threatening snow at us again? AGAIN?!?)


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2 Responses to Telenonsense

  1. markp427 says:

    I once “lost” my phone in the car for a day. It slipped out of my pocket and fell between the seats…I assumed I’d left it at home. Longest, most panicky day of my life. Which is awfully sad, when you think about it.

    Enjoy the snow! We finally hit 60+ today.


  2. Patti says:

    96 in the san fernando valley, which was a bit much for the end of March, I think. It makes me fear for the summer.


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