Freudian slip

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Yesterday I accidentally wrote that “I hate errands to run tomorrow.”

I meant, I have errands to run tomorrow.

That had to have been Freudian.

My first errand today involved going to the car dealership. Routine service, no major deal. It’s just that it meant getting up early on a Saturday morning. And going to the dealership. And hanging around there for some number of hours.

None of which is particularly fun.

But, my service is done, my car got washed (my car almost never gets washed except at the dealership), the people were friendly, and I got a few chapters of A Praying Life under my belt while I waited. So the idea of taking the car for service was far worse than the reality.

Thank you Lord.

The next set of errands involves oddlot things like looking for a large bowl to serve salad in (to take to a potluck), and picking up some more rechargeable batteries, and getting laundry and chores done, and baking my guava-empanadas-meet-crescent-rolls, also for the potluck.  So, lots of little niggly things to do, nothing big and horrible. I mean, unless you count the laundry room on a weekend… that’s usually horrible.

Well, maybe the idea will be far worse than the reality. We shall see.


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2 Responses to Freudian slip

  1. markp427 says:

    No, unfortunately, in the case of the laundry room the reality will probably be every bit as bad. Sorry. But at least you have guava empanadas to look forward to!


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