Dual processing

The Rainbow

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I remember fondly when I used to have one dream at a time. Or occasionally, a dream within a dream.

They’d rarely make sense. The story line would seem choppy on waking, with all the sudden twists and turns, plot shifts and character changes.

The plot might make little sense at all, but at least it was just one dream, one plot line.

Now it’s like I’m running on dual processors.

There’s the dream I’m having, and then there’s another thread running. Turn this way and there’s an action-adventure movie playing. Turn this way, and it’s like the news is on.  Projects. Events. Emails. News. [It’s probably nothing – I rarely dream literally true any more – but Dilbert-creator Scott Adams probably doesn’t want to get on any planes today.]

I have no idea what this new multiple-unrelated-dream-tracks thing is about, but I’m not loving it.


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2 Responses to Dual processing

  1. markp427 says:

    Hey, it worked for Christopher Nolan.


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