If I have my math right

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My friend down in Miami is having a birthday soon. Sooner than later. Because it’s April, and everyone who’s anyone (except those of us who don’t) has a birthday in April.

I won’t be around to see him on his birthday. Or more accurately, he won’t be around for me to see him on his birthday. Because he’s in Miami and I am… not.

I am not sure what to give him for his birthday. Um. Send him for his birthday.

I don’t know what to give him because he’s a guy.  Ergo, he is hard to shop for.  Guys never seem to think guys are hard to shop for… guys always thing girls are hard to shop for. But I am a girl, so I know it to be the opposite.

I could try to get away with an IOU. You know… like I’ll figure out something cool to do for him by the time he comes back here. IF he comes back here.

Which could get me off the hook for a long, long time.

But if I have my math right, the fast-approaching birthday for the boy is the big 4-0.  And while I could have my math wrong, and while I’m fairly certain that he’ll insist he’s still 25 if I ask… I am pretty sure I have that right.

What on earth am I going to send this boy?

Seriously. Thoughts, gang?


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2 Responses to If I have my math right

  1. markp427 says:

    “Everyone who’s anyone has a birthday in April.” Damn straight!

    Since I’m a guy, and slightly past the big 4-0 milestone myself, I might be able to help you here. I have no idea what his particular interests are, but you can never go wrong with an iPad.

    Oh? Too expensive? Well, drat! OK, okay. How about an iTunes gift card, or some movie passes, or…how much do you want to spend? You could surprise him with guitar lessons, or order up a couple of cool Groupons in the Miami area that you think he’d be interested in. A certificate to have his car detailed, a Netflix subscription for a month or three or six, some books you think he’d like…


    • aka gringita says:

      Thanks Mark… good suggestions there. (Except that yes, the iPad IS too expensive. For me to be shelling out that kind of money, I think we’d have to have the kind of relationship where I might expect to get jewelry or something similarly priced from him. Not the case.)
      Still, some good thoughts. Much appreciated!


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