April is abuzz

April is abuzz

I’ve mentioned before (and I’ll mention again) that I have this freakish ability to assign meaning to dates.

In addition to good friends (old and new) and family and even a few colleagues… I still remember the birthdays of the girls I lived with Sophomore & Junior years in college (April 4, June 18, December 7), my pre-teen boyfriend’s birthday (May 31), and my start dates at all 3 of the companies I’ve worked for (April 16, November 5, September 19).

It’s not just that I can remember dates. It’s that once I’ve assigned meaning to the dates, they take on a feel. A slight vibration of something-special-about-this-day. On a clear day you can see forever, and for a very vivid date I can feel it coming for days and days ahead.

April is busy. April hums. This particular part of April positively buzzes with anticipation. It’s actually distracting.

Could all you people with days-of-significance that fall in April just give me a small break, please? I have things to get done here!


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5 Responses to April is abuzz

  1. markp427 says:

    Funny you should post this today. April 6 always holds great significance for me – on this date in 2007 I had one of the best days of my life thanks to a really fun date that included a tram ride and dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant. I almost wish it hadn’t happened, because all other April 6’s since have paled in comparison.


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