A new day, for a new way of thinking

April 9. A-friend’s-daughter’s-birthday. The-day-before for someone else. Six-days-until tax day and another very-important-birthday. And (since it’s April) another, and another.

And it’s an anniversary.

Ever-so-many years ago now… a colleague, former manager and marketer extraordinaire left to start his own company. A good company. Nay, a great company. (I should know, I was a client back when I had a gig that meant projects and the contracting of talented marketing folk to accomplish those projects. And DANG, they made me look good every. single. time.)

“NovoDay” – as I call it – is very much a day for celebrations. But it’s also a little bittersweet, in that that fateful day… that day that led to so very many good things… was also the last day I worked for the man who would become my vendor and my friend.

It was the last day of sanity before what was about to turn into 70-odd weeks of employment hell, working for the woman who was batshit crazy (and I really, really wish that was hyperbole for effect).

That morning, I wrote this movie quote on a note and kept it at my desk to remind me:

There’s no crying in baseball.

We had our final team (goodbye) lunch, he packed up all the baseball pictures off his office walls, and after he left that afternoon (and I had my tiny cry after all) I stuck that note on his office door. I turned out the light. I closed the door; my desk faced in and it was too hard to look in every day and see that empty office, empty desk.

Eventually I solved the can’t-look-into-his-office problem by moving into the office myself. (This advancement-to-office-with-walls process was not hurt by having hired superlative marketing talent for my projects. Did I mention he runs a marketing company?!?)

Life goes on. Life gets better.

Happy NovoDay.


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5 Responses to A new day, for a new way of thinking

  1. markp427 says:

    I don’t know how you keep track of all the April events in your life!


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