Revisionist history

Full course dinner

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I missed posting yesterday (April 14) but by the magic of publish timing, I am changing history so that this blog counts for then.

I couldn’t post yesterday, because I just wasn’t around. After work I headed straight over to a friend’s house for dinner. They’re just the dearest people, and I had a lovely time with the whole bunch. (And it’s quite a bunch.)  A dinner that delicious was almost certainly a mistake for my waistline, but what the heck, life is short.

Then after dinner, we had housechurch. Housechurch is what they do lately, in place of the church at which we met and at which I am still a member. It’s going so well that they decided to do it again last night, which really was a wonderful, blessed time. And our other friends, who I also don’t see as much since they started attending a different church, also joined, so it was a combination worship-study-reunion sort of deal. I could have stayed all night, but then again there was work waiting in the morning.

Anyway, that’s why I wasn’t here, and that’s why I’ve had to do a little revisionist history here. Sorry about that.


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