It’s not that I *can’t* cook

1905 Quaker Oats magazine advertisement

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… It’s that I generally don’t.

I’ve had oatmeal for dinner for the last 4 days straight. And counting.

Original Quaker Oats. (Right, not the nasty Quick Oats variety.) With water & cinnamon (I’m very free with the cinnamon; it’s good and good for ya!) and a dash of salt, in the microwave. Sprinkled on completion with Splenda and just a hint of half-and-half (more for cooling than anything else… and because I never have milk in the house).

I don’t mind so much mind the oatmeal for dinner night after night (after night). It’s tasty, it’s filling, it’s not killing me on calories (half-and-half notwithstanding). A few grapes or strawberries for dessert… feels like a nice, relatively light dinner. Just the thing when lunch options tend to be on the heavier side, and post-work energy to start making a dinner plan runs low.

That said, I’m thinking I’m in a rut.  Sure, I could do the smart thing and start thawing tomorrow’s dinner while I cook tonight’s… making the decision easy and the effort minimal each night.

Or at least… I think I need to consider dressing up the oatmeal in new and interesting ways.

I’ve tried bits of guava paste. It’s a little like raisins or craisins, in that it’s sweet/tart and fruity, but it sort of dissolves all swirly.

I thought about peanut butter, but I’m not so sure how I’ll feel about the mix of flavors…

Do you have a favorite way of preparing oatmeal? I could definitely use the tips.


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2 Responses to It’s not that I *can’t* cook

  1. My oatmeal fixins tend to override any health benefits you’re getting from the oatmeal: I like chocolate chips and brown sugar. Milk chocolate is my preference, but semi-sweet or dark will do in a pinch.


  2. markp427 says:

    I add Craisins to mine, and a little brown sugar. Glad to see there’s somebody else who sprinkles salt on theirs, too…I always get weird looks, but it brings out the flavor!


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