How do you see time?


Or do you see time at all?

A while back I was having a conversation with my friend P, and he mentioned that it was Friday… a triumphant red dayI thought he was just being poetic, and I suppose there’s an element of that too. But he explained (very patiently, since it must have struck him as strange that I don’t perceive it the same way) that each of the days of the week have a color. To him, they always have.

Time Perceptions: I may not be diagramming these right.

Then the other day, apropos of nothing, K mentioned the approach of pool season (with a circular gesture as if “Pool season” had a location on a mental map).  Then she laughed at herself, and explained to me that when she “pictures a year” (wait, what?) she sees it as an oval, like a racetrack, with January off in the upper corner and the summer months in the lower left quadrant.

So then, thinking of P and his color-coded days (and, as I found out recently, months as well), I asked if she has a visual attached to time?

She said that she doesn’t have a visual for days… but she sees weeks… well that was harder to describe but the sense of weekdays and weekends being separate but connected things came through. But surprisingly (considering the “shape” of a year for her) not in rounded imagery… More like lines with weekends between them, connecting them but separate too (I tried to diagram this but I haven’t done it anything like justice).

So now I wonder if it’s just me… maybe it’s weird that I don’t have a visual image of time in my head.

So I put it to you, dear readers. Please leave a comment and let me know: Do you see time?  And if you do, what does it “look like” to you?


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5 Responses to How do you see time?

  1. congluteous says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool.

    I see time as a series of weeks strung together with heavy twine or braided rope. At the end of each week the rope is secured into place by some type of white locket, which holds the rope tight. The rope can get very frayed at points in between the locket, and the trick is to try to prevent it from fraying too much towards the beginning, lest you’re left there hanging on by a few threads until you the locket is reached. But, typically, the rope starts out strong again on the other side of the locket. This is how I view time today. Tomorrow, I’ll give it another shot and see what comes out!


  2. I see it on the clock on my microwave and coffeepot, but that’s about all.


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