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I had an all-day seminar today. In Washington DC. So I drove down yesterday. Left the office early, headed on my merry way.

I should have taken the Acela train instead. But I didn’t. I drove. LIKE A MORON.

I was about 2/3 of the way there, and thinking how incredibly boring the drive was (and I hadn’t yet even hit the big traffic centers yet), when a small herd of deer crossed the highway in front of me. So much for boring.

The car in front and to the left of me clipped one (the deer stumbled briefly and then continued smoothly on; the car fishtailed across the highway in one direction in front of me; the rest of the deer continued crossing the other direction; cars behind screeched to avoid a massive pile-up).  The car that hit the deer moved to the shoulder and appeared not to have sustained any significant damage (though I can’t speak to whether the seats were still clean after that). I managed to end up in the only open gap – Thank you Lord – and when I stopped shaking I realized I was 10 minutes from the exit toward my sister’s.

So I stopped in, had leftover Easter ham for dinner, and got to see my sister and her family for a pleasant but all-too-brief visit.

And then I headed onward. I was past the rush-hour traffic by then, so it was fairly smooth sailing. You know, until…

I don’t know what it is with my GPS, but regardless of my settings, it picks stupid routes. When it does this at home… suggesting I take Route 1 (a light every block) over parallel Interstate 95, for instance (regardless of whether I’ve selected “Shortest Route” or “Fastest Route” or told it that I am A-OK with toll roads, really)… I know to ignore it and head to I-95… because I am aware that I-95 would pretty much have to be CLOSED for it to be slower than Route 1 would be, ever. But when I get to the other side of my journey, I don’t have the benefit of local knowledge. I am at the mercy of the GPS.

The GPS decided I would really, really like a scenic tour of Washington DC. And to be fair, I saw some pretty nice spots. Hey, who doesn’t want to see the Washington Monument? But um, maybe not after 9PM. Not when getting to all the nice little neighborhoods means first taking me through a few shaky ones. And not when I’ve already put in hours behind the wheel and no matter how many twists and turns I make through the city, I don’t seem to be moving any closer to actually arriving at my destination!

Eventually, I did make it to the hotel. I got checked in. I took a few pictures of the city from my hotel room. I listened to the sounds of the adjoining room and the flights going over and city traffic (and got pictures of the occasional plane going over; neat effect in the dark).

PS I realize that I’m on full-on “gripe” mode, but there should be rules that at 4AM, trucks are only allowed to go FORWARD because that Back-Up-Beep carries for MILES on a quiet morning.

And then it was time to head to my seminar.

The directions to the parking deck of the conference center? Ha ha. No. The parking deck they referenced actually does not offer daily parking. If you don’t have a key pass, you can’t get in. And if someone does use their pass to let you in (and get you out of their way thankyouverymuch) then you can’t get back OUT without a key pass either.


Eventually I gave up, made my way back to the hotel, parked in their lot, and made my way on foot to the conference. Had a good session. Learned a lot. Got directions back to major highways to avoid the GPS nightmare on the way back…

Except the directions sent me down a road that was closed, necessitating yet another scenic detour.

Really, really scenic. I’m really glad I saw the places I saw. Until I got back into busy cities and rush hour. I really, really just wanted to get home.

Which I did. Eventually. Without running out of gas, or hitting any deer, or taking untold extra hours.

So I am home again. Again.

And I not going anywhere again anytime soon.

PS. Hope you had a happy birthday, Mark (My Words…)


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2 Responses to Home again… again

  1. Patti says:

    What a trip. At least you had plenty of time in the car to prepare your blog post. I’m sure your account was much more entertaining for me to read about than it was for you to experience it.


  2. Why, thank you! I knew you’d remember. Yes, my birthday was good. Ironically, I also saw a small herd of deer while driving down the road the other day. I did not, however, pass by the Washington Monument.


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