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The day starts early. The Ladies are coming today. An hour later than usual, but I don’t give myself license to sleep the full extra hour.

It’s a good thing, because I am just about ready, apartment-wise, for company — the cleaning done, the table set, the coffee ready to brew; nothing left but to get myself ready — when I decide to check the computer. I have an hour. There’s time.

On the private blog for our group, my headcount blog still shows just 2 of us coming, but there’s a comment thread discussing who will give whom a ride. And what time they will be picked up. And according to that exchange, two of my friends have forgotten the late start.

I look at the clock. They could be arriving within 5 minutes.

It’s fine, it’s fine. If they get here early I can handle it. As long as I get some clothes on. I scramble to get dressed. I start the coffee brewing. I get everything just and so, in preparation.

Five. Ten. Fifteen minutes later I realize that either they took a time adjustment off line, or realized their timing was off midstream and have stopped somewhere else en route to pass the time. (It will prove to be the former.)

In either case, I have the coffee on too soon and nearly and hour to kill before my guests arrive. What to do, what to do?

What I did, to pass the time, was make my guava empanada-inspired crescent rolls. After all, I had all three ingredients:

1 package Pillsbury crescent rolls (Original)
Guava paste
Philadelphia cream cheese

  • I preheat the oven as listed on the crescent roll package.
  • I unroll the crescent rolls.
  • I cut the guava paste into strips – each one almost the length of the “base” of the crescent roll, and about 1/2 cm x 1/2 cm square for its other dimensions. (This is not an exact science. Basically I want a piece of guava that’s big enough to maintain flavor against the crescent roll but small enough to melt in the baking process AND manageable for the rolling-up process.)
  • I place the slices of guava paste along the bases of the crescent rolls.
  • I add a roughly matching strip of cream cheese alongside the guava.
  • I roll the crescent rolls up, keeping them a bit straighter than noted on the package (they won’t be “crescents” when I am done). I stretch the dough at the ends over to enclose any guava and cream cheese that might try to escape at the ends.
  • I place the rolled-up empanada-wannabes on a baking sheet and bake according to the crescent roll package.

A little cooling, a little plating, and they’re just lovely for guests.
I’ve also made these for dessert (some guava paste & butter & sugar, melted together, made a nice pinkish drizzly glaze).

So the ladies came, all on time. I had coffee and guava treats (I need to stop calling them empanadas, because they aren’t EXACTLY empanadas anymore the way I make them. Off topic, did I tell you that the chicken and eggplant empanada appetizer that they served on the latin-themed night on my cruise was the most delicious thing I ate the whole time? I didn’t? Sorry, my bad. The food was good in general, but those really were fantastic.)


The meeting with the ladies went well. As always, it all comes back to walking in the Spirit. No matter how many layers of the onion we pull back, we always come back to the same essential truth. Which, no matter how many times we find ourselves there, I still need the reminder, or the encouragement, or the exhortation (as the case may be).

It was a good morning, all in all. I cleaned up post-visit and then wondered, is it wrong to go back to bed at 2PM on a Saturday?

No, it wasn’t wrong. It was very, very right.


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2 Responses to Saturday start

  1. Hey, if your bed beckons, go for it!

    Still wondering where I’d find guava paste…


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