Empanada overdose

Homemade Empanadas

OK, it’s official. I’ve actually made chicken empanadas.

OK, so I couldn’t find a recipe for chicken empanadas. Or at least not one that included things I would eat. So I winged it a bit.

(So to speak. Actually I used mostly chicken breast.)

My empanadas were pie crust filled with rotisserie chicken and chipotles and jalapenos and cream cheese and mexican cheese blend and just the teensiest bit of cumin (if there was something else in there, I’ve forgotten now, sorry). All of which I shredded and mixed via my food processor (thanks again, Sis) and then crimped into pie crust rounds. Fried quickly, Cuban style (except for being all spicy and whatnot, which Cuban food generally is not), just to give them some crunch and color. Tasty.

But, um. There’s a lot of them. I had my dinner and still had at least two day’s worth left (they’re pretty filling) and there’s enough to make that many again in the fridge.

What have I done?

PS, It’s not that I was all that good at crimping my empanadas closed into such perfect scallops. It’s that my only cookie cutters have those sort of petals on them, so the net effect was sort of prettier than I might otherwise have achieved by my own efforts.


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5 Responses to Empanada overdose

    • aka gringita says:

      The best part is how easy they were to make. I mean, except for assembling, using, disassembling, cleaning, and putting away the food processor. That part was a little trying. 😉


  1. Patti says:

    Sounds great – and food processors are kind of a mixed blessing, aren’t they?


  2. I say, share the leftovers with your blogging friends. They sound awesome!


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