Mental map fail

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Geography is not my strongest subject. When it comes down to the last piece of pie in Trivial Pursuit, Sports & Entertainment is generally a safe way to stump me. (You know, unless instead of a Sports question, it’s an Entertainment question about the Muppets – Ha! In your face!) But Geography is a great second choice.

I think I’m “okay” at geography. I’m not the one likely to suggest that Paris is the capital of Germany or that Guam is somewhere in Africa. If you give me a map of the US with only lines for the states I can label them all.  Probably not remember quite ALL their capitals, unless working from a list, but whatever. I think I have a semi-decent handle on the topic.

I am wrong about that. I am so wrong about that.

My family is going to Colorado this year. And so, in the course of planning out her day trips, my mother asks me what state would be under the southwest side of Colorado. Neither one of us is near a map or a computer at the time, and so I’m playing this mental game of “on the map, which one is Arizona and which one is New Mexico?” and we debate this for a while, and then she remembers Oklahoma (nope, that’s below the eastern side), and we’ve established Utah is to the left, er, west…

Wait, maybe Utah does that wrappy thing around Colorado, I suggest. Because in my head, I’ve just moved Colorado, in its entirety, to Wyoming. Wyoming is lovely, but I’m guessing that they want didn’t a whole other state dumped on top of them. Likewise Colorado prolly didn’t want to get shifted around…

Anyway, I actually had to look at the map to reorient myself. Yeah, the reason we debated so much on what was at the SW corner of Colorado? Because it’s part of Four Corners, the place where 4 states meet in one spot.

That seems like a trick question. And I feel like a geography moron.


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  1. Arizona, right?


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