Cancun is fine. Was fine.

Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Image via Wikipedia

 This is for my friend whose travel agent talked him out of going to Puerto Rico or Aruba, and into going to Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun, for the record, is (was at the time of this alert notice) in the white (no alerts) area in the lower right corner. So really, it’s fine. Was fine. Inasmuch as anywhere is fine. Was fine.

And it really was fine when I went. Which was many years ago. It was very much a fine place to visit.

I’m guessing you got a really good deal to go there, friend, considering that most people are avoiding Mexico entirely right now, even though there is that one area that is fine. Was fine.

Note to readers: don’t solely rely on travel advice from bloggers. Not even me. Nor on potentially outdated news stories. Check out the latest US Travel Advisories:


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