I know it’s only 10:30

Plain M&M's Purchased in 2005 in USA

Image via Wikipedia

… but I feel like it’s later. Earlier. Wee hours earlier. Can’t keep my eyes open, can’t focus on the computer screen, can’t sit through another showing of Double Jeopardy, can’t hold a complete thought in my head for more than a few minutes.

Even though they all taste the same, green M&M’s are my favorite. Followed by brown (I miss the light brown ones, anyone else remember those?)  I don’t like the red and blue ones. I mean, I don’t dislike them in a “I won’t eat them” kind of way. More like, I don’t like them in a “I’ll eat them first and leave the ones I like until last.” Which is what I do. Some people eat their favorite foods first, and some save them for last. I am the latter.

In a thought that can only be connected in the most roundabout way, I think the new Hornitos tequila commercial is funny. Though I personally think that naming a tequila brand Hornitos is funny in and of itself. Maybe it’s just me?

And with that bizarre bit of nonsense, I will put myself to bed. Tomorrow I am almost certainly going to be making more sense. Or, you know, to be Raptured away.

I guess I’ll find out then.


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