Oatmeal-everything cookies


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The ladies were over this morning. It was good. You know, aside from the waking-up-too-early part.

Then the afternoon rolled in, and I got busy using up some of the awful quick oats I didn’t mean to buy in the first place.

I made a batch of oatmeal-raisin-cranberry-chocolate chip-coconut-almond cookies.

Or oatmeal-everything cookies, which is much simpler to say.

I was going to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, because I (very uncharacteristically) had chocolate chips in the house. (I’d hidden them from myself, which is why I still had them in the house.)  But then I was at the store the other day picking up a few items, and found myself in the aisle with raisins. Dried grapes, we shall call them, because they also have dried cherries and blueberries and cranberries and who-knows-what-all-else. So I found a small package of raisins (black and green) and cranberries, mixed. Perfect for adding to cookies. And I had some cocoa-dusted almonds, which I crushed up. And I had some coconut that I will just never, ever use if I don’t occasionally work it into something else I’m making.

Otherwise I just followed the instructions on the package of oats.

The cookies are done. They’re good. Totally not something I need to have in the house with me.

And I still have too many of these oats left. (Sigh.)

PS Happy anniversary, readerfriend.


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2 Responses to Oatmeal-everything cookies

  1. I’d be more than glad to take some of those cookies off your hands for you!


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