A mostly average Sunday


Image by Joel Motylinski via Flickr

Today was an average Sunday. Could be any Sunday. Some friends who used to go to my church and now go elsewhere called me for lunch when they got out of their services. That was a highlight… I don’t see them so often any more and it was good to get together.

I brought them some of the cookies I’d made. (I still have plenty and if it were not so far I would send some to a blogging friend who got some less-than-happy news about a job he was hoping for. Cookies wouldn’t really fix the disappointment, of course. I don’t know if the knowledge that if that door did not open it is because a better one awaits is any comfort in the moment, but I pray it will be, in time.)

I wish I had a lot of interesting things to tell. But housework and puttering on the computer were the order of the day. It’s amazing how doing so little can be so tiring. Or maybe just tiresome. I need to go away again… I have already started to bore myself.


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One Response to A mostly average Sunday

  1. Oh, trust me. The cookies would absolutely help. 🙂


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